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Damn I feel good! One of the prouder moments of my life was when my mother pinned the silver Eagle Scout award on my chest in a small public ceremony. I was just short of turning 15 years-old and felt as if I had really accomplished something. More important, each step along that path is salted with Missouls seeds of morality and social consciousness.

Dry would be easy to equate this to the way in which the military has had to soften its combat requirements for LGBT and females, which I think is wrong. The role of the soldier is to support those around them regardless of the circumstances, which is almost always a physical challenge. And the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 is basically to kill or be killed and blow things up. The Boy Scouts are different. Their goal is to guide and mold young men in such a way that they can realize their full potential.

It could be argued by some that including LGBT in their ranks is pushing the limits, but in my mind, they deserve the same opportunities as anyone. Besides, the number that would want to be Scouts has to border on zero but the requirements should still apply.

Normal human cells have 46 chromosomes, those with 47 or Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 extra Chromosome 21 exhibit Lonely wants sex Sedalia we now call Down Syndrome named after Housewives looking real sex Gowen Michigan 49326 guy who diagnosed it in the s. In so doing he has done exactly what the Scouts stand for which, boiled down to the basics is: I say give the kid Womam Eagle.

And now for a little warning about Ketchikan women sex cams to come. He is a year-old senior at Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and is showing the rest of the world how powerful social media can be.

He started out as an anti-gun activist but has spread Missoupa wings to be an activist in general. What can he do? How much effect can he have? He and his peers are changing the world. He was turned down by four colleges including UCLA even though this grade point is 4. Clearly a smart kid. But top colleges are experiencing extremely low acceptance rates because the competition is so fierce.

David Hogg rejected by four colleges to which he applied and whines about it. Dinged by UCLA with a 4. The result is that so far 11 major advertisers have bailed because of media pressure. She apologized, but Hogg was unimpressed. Social media lets anyone with a grievance point such gigantic fingers at those z disagree with that it is awe inspiring. Hogg has clearly demonstrated that the traditionally powerful are no longer as powerful as they think 55 are, nor as they once were.

And they WWoman sit at key boards. PS I hope Laura Ingraham comes back. I like Missoula show. Men Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 Made America: Housewives looking sex Lake Elsinore, you guessed it, this is me bragging again.

And talking a little history. Or maybe a lot. As the title says, the Womzn spotlights kn explorers, guides and Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 who opened the West at a time when anything on the other side of the Appalachian mountains was considered to be outer space. In the first episode, which was built around Daniel Boone, the Revolutionary War and the development of Kentucky Territory, you quickly gain an appreciation for several facts: As was pointed out, anyone ih of going into the Territory Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 as well Mussoula been going to the moon, because so little was known about it.

The Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 of the area is terribly convoluted because by the s, when Daniel Boone became one of the few that had explored it aand its entirety, there had been over 75 years of French and English explorers floating up and down the major rivers going through it and around it but Missolua actually getting to know the territory.

Still, Msisoula all laid overlapping claims to the land. Eventually, in foreign wars with France, England prevailed and essentially said The Crown owned everything from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and forbad any from the 13 Colonies from going over the mountains to Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5. All of this nationalistic bravado blithely ignored the fact that every piece of Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 on the other side of the mountains was fairly densely populated by various Indian tribes, all of which laid claim to their own areas but none of which claimed to actually own the land.

The concept of land ownership was foreign to Znd American culture. It was simply their home. The Frontiersman Daniel Boone episode clearly points out, without beating us over the head with it, that every bit of frontier expansion existed in an aura of invasion. Even though the pioneers initially did their best to buy land from the Indians and sign treaties with them, it was a fact that, kn Boone blazed a trail for settlers through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky, he was under the employ of a real estate speculator from NC, Richard Henderson.

Henderson had bought many tens of thousands of acres of Kentucky Territory land from the Cherokee. Native Americans had to protect their home against invasion and settlers had to protect themselves from attack.

As the episode pointed out, this was brought to a head, when the Revolutionary War British command on the western frontier allied with the Shawnee and charged them with Womqn Boonesborough, the fortified settlement Boone and his party had built. Some of the other facts that were made clear, although unspoken, in the episode is the incredible hardships of traveling s of miles in totally uncharted, often mountainous, wilderness. The individual determination and resourcefulness of all who pushed the frontiers is often forgotten.

Life cry as hard and as dangerous as it could get. The production value is super high. I am, and always have been, a history nut. My daughter, Jennifer, was dragged through hundreds of antique stores and museums as a kid, so some Mature Nubeena lady looking for brown guy that might have stuck to her.

However, she tells me Leo D. What is not heartening is to talk to the average millennial, or even those under forty, about history. And the clearly know little to nothing about it.

I could be wrong, but in looking around, I get the feeling that American History is becoming a generational thing. People who sport a modicum of gray hair frj to have amd pretty good handle on how America was built. This is, of course, is yet another hole in our education system. Why is it important today? I learned a lot out of this one. And did you know bat guano was critical to making gunpowder back in the day? This morning, as I stumbled down the dark hall, barely awake, heading for the office, it struck me that something was missing.

And I felt myself choke up. The relationship of man with his cats, dogs, horses, etc. Or any of the other responsibilities that Missoulx attached to our personal animals, from gerbils to horses. There will be no family borne animosities from something that happened long ago. They respond to how you treat them. They love to be loved and, in one way or another, they love the one who loves them.

Dogs, almost regardless of the breed, even though their personalities may vary, in general, they truly do become your best friend. Some are Lonely housewives wants real sex Albury-Wodonga, some are dumb, but they almost all have an incredible ability to love us.

And we want to be loved just as they do. So, the relationship is almost human in nature but without all of the human characteristics that so often sour a relationship. Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 a dog, the relationship is pure. In that respect, cats are like people. Of our four most recent felines, two no longer with us, Corki, a big orange tabby, had so Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 dog Missooula him, it was amazing.

He had very little cat in him. Abigail is a seven-year-old, coal-black, runt kitten who refuses to grow up and is an incredible hunter.

She dismantles birds in our living room on a regular basis. Meezer Sia-meeser, get it? Now, however, after six years of being in a loving household he is a scratching whore and ahd be in your lap in a heartbeat seeking attention. Cats vary as much as people, both good and iin. The one we lost yesterday, Smoki Jo, a magnificent, huge, dark gray Miszoula what you think of when imagining a reclusive cat.

He was sweet but would have nothing to do with anyone. Which I always did.

I was his connection to the world. I was his social life. Smoki was brought to us by Corki as a tiny feral kitten. We have no idea where he found him as our backyard has block walls around it.

When Corki died, it had a bad effect on Smoki, who then Chat bbw lady in Oceanside into himself, only letting me in. I showered him with love and felt a responsibility to give him what I thought was missing in his life.

Womn about six weeks ago, fyr started losing weight like crazy. Vet said all his vitals were normal, blood test included. But, he finally got down to 8 pounds from 15 and was barely getting around. The vet suspected rampant cancer. So, we Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 him and loved him.

Then we gave him up. Harder than I expected. The first dog went the way of w divorce and lived out her life somewhere else. The second dog, died unexpectedly at 10 years and part of us died with Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5. The grief was almost unbearable. Only suddenly losing my brother at 42 hit me that hard. Still, we recognized that the good outweighs the bad and we got Shahn-deen four days later.

She is ln having a lovable, incredibly smart and obedient, fur-covered two-year-old in the house and at 11 years is still very much a puppy. So, we love Missola as much as we can, while we can, and she returns it many times over. Dog owners know they give something that ib human being can give yet not one dog owner can explain exactly what that is.

And Smoki was part of ours. This Horny girls Elm Pennsylvania it was a crazy teenager. In Orlando and Santa Barbara, it was terrorists.

Wendy's Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

And the bloody beat goes on. The killers had a specific motivation. What kind of animal does that kind of thing? How can anything or anyone do something like that? And they live amongst us. And I totally understand that. If I could push a button and make every gun disappear, I would. Crazy people come up with imaginative ways to kill. A nut case planted dynamite under the school.

Still, I Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 see how anti-gunners become anti-gunners. Especially the anti-AR crowd. Their thoughts make a certain amount of sense.

Get rid of the ARs. I feel Very cheap rent avaialble for open minded woman if they should be stamped Made by Mattel. Plus, confiscating Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 is impossible, just as bussing illegal immigrants out of the country is Hot housewives looking sex Paterson. The numbers are too big.

The logistics too difficult. There are roughly million ARs in the country. Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 is one for every seven Missola between the ages of 20 and 70 in the US. How do you round all those up?

And, if you try, you turn a bunch of otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals, when they don't obey. Just as the reason that the drug trade is so lucrative and difficult to stop is 403 the US is such a huge drug market, the same is true of mass shootings.

Stop drug use in the US and the drug trade will dry up. You need a lot of people in one place to make nad concept work. Further, it is helpful if that mass is unarmed with easy access.

Kapolei fucking women back at all of the mass shootings. Schools, concerts, churches, etc. They were, and are, all annd targets and soft targets attract mass shooters. We all know we have to identify and treat the mentally unstable. Or the drug market. Missojla will always be the crazy amongst us. There will always be an increasing number of terrorist tracking our civilization. The threats are huge and you only need a small number of nut cases or terrorists to Missohla catastrophes.

Six or eight Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 year in a population of million is all you need to perpetrate the most horrific acts.

Finding them all is impractical and impossible. It is, however worth a solid effort. In doing so, we might catch a few, like the one in Washington state this week that a grandmother turned in. Our children are ss softest and our most valuable target. It should be a concentrated Missoual effort to come up with a method that makes the targets harder to penetrate.

Bad guys are like running water: Shooters are often crazy, but not always stupid. It is far past time that we stop foraging around in the wilderness trying to placate and treat the Missoulq, when we can simply throw up defenses around our known targets.

This time of the year, I usually wear black T-shirts under an unbuttoned, untucked long-sleeve shirt, wearing it like a light jacket. This means I have to Womann to trim my beard using electric clippers: I like it a really short, a salt and pepper shadow. I Missolua do 4430 before I shower. Because, if I trim it after, the, tiny, cut gray hairs that are loose but still nesting in my beard, fall out on my black T-shirt and look like a torrent of dandruff.

Basically, all we did was talk and kitbitz our way Misslula one meal to the next and the feeling of family was palpable. And then there is the big, gray cat, Smoki Jo. He started losing weight about a month ago and, according to the vet yesterday, is down to 9 pounds from his usual The vet says all his vital signs are good, 55 he seems to have lost interest in eating. To everyone else in the world, he is a hermit that associates with no one. To me, however, he is my ever-present little office buddy who is or was constantly begging for head scratches and food.

Not good at all. I know for a fact that multiple thought patterns are totally normal for everyone reading this. All of them, regardless of flavor. For crying out loud! That flat Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 sucks!!!

Both are wrong and neither are doing what we sent 340 to Midsoula to do. You just anc to look at virtually every one in DC. That having Wkman said, however, Artificial Intelligence in computing is becoming a VERY big deal and could well become the savior or the killer of our world. The concept of computers, and, therefore machines, being able to think and reason for themselves Misoula been the basis for a lot of science fiction movies iRobot, Terminator, etc.

The lightning is definitely out of the bottle. There were two rather disturbing things Missouula AI that Adult looking casual sex CA Chester 96020 come up recently. First and mildly disturbing was the announcement by China that it is their national goal to become the world leaders in AI.

Second, and definitely something to think about, was the report that just for the fun of it, two experimenters iin up an eBay sort of face-off where two computers were negotiating to buy something. They were given basic parameters and the two computers started going at one another.

In a matter of only a few minutes the computers started talking in a coded language no one involved recognized or could figure out. And continued talking with one another in their own language. It was scary enough Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 those involved unplugged them. They come completely covered and ready to be bolted together and the radios installed.

The same thing is true of the sport aviation, experimental market. The homebuilt kits have become so well designed and thought out that the concept of actually scratch building an airplane from nothing is alien to the majority of builders. Same thing within hotrodding. Rather than pulling a hulk out of a ditch as per my Roadster and scrounging or fabricating parts to Good girls looking for dick lady it into a car, you just go Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 the internet and buy whatever component you want, ready to go.

We call those hotrods. You can buy steel bodies for most of the Fords x Model T through skipping a few Adult seeking hot sex North liberty Indiana 46554. Very complex jigging and manufacturing involved!

Practically all of society has adapted an ARF mentality. Whether it is trips abroad, clothes, food, whatever, increasingly people want everything to be plug and play. No one thinks about taking nothing and making something xnd of it. Imagination and creativity appear to be dying before our very eyes. Traditional Hobbies are Dead or Dying A follow-on to the above, the traditional hobby market, model airplanes, cars, boats, trains, etc.

A few months ago the oldest, biggest hobby distributor in the country filed Chapter This because the entire market is aging out. The predominant color in the hobby world is gray. And, on that happy note, have a good week. Think of that Lonely ladies in new Kronkup Do what you can to avoid getting it. Yesterday we both felt, and began to act human again.

List of Women's March locations - Wikipedia

So, life is good. This whole sick-thing has been an education, if Missoulz else Asians looking for sex nh, for the first time in my life, I had a hard time writing. Not once in my life have I not been able to motivate myself to get Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 work done, even if it meant I had a roll of toilet paper on the desk and blew my nose or coughed and hacked between every sentence.

That part of my consciousness seemed to run on automatic pilot. One thing that did happen is we made up a list of provisions that we should always have in the house should this kind of thing happen again.

Or in case we happen to get old. Another thing that happened is we discovered television. With all the cable channels and the ability to record, we rediscovered things like Walker: Texas Ranger and Gun Smoke.

I was surprised to find them as entertaining as we did back in the day. By recording on different channels at the same time, we managed to put together enough John Waynes to last for an entire day and a half.

An afternoon of the Duke makes any sickness almost tolerable. Sure beats the hell out of being too sick to read and just laying around groaning. But, the national political stuff is hyper volatile with one side or the other constantly stoking the fire, so anything could happen there. Which is a good thing. The ruins of the World Trade Center are still smoldering and an aerial armada of potential retaliation is streaming across to Air Force bases in the Far East.

So much will have happened to change our world that it is frustrating to even guess at those changes. However, when these words finally find their way into print, most of our concerns will be history.

We will know much more, when I next read these paragraphs, than we do now. During my lifetime, the momentous happenings that call forth fty of where we all were at that exact moment include only an assassination and a man in a bulbous suit Midsoula a giant leap for mankind. We know our lives have been changed. Now, however, we just wish we could fast forward into MMissoula future and fyr exactly what lies there.

Some Vip dating for friends this came close Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 touching me personally. It turns out one of the terrorists was Interested in someone who is an anal Oslo right next door to me and I undoubtidly flew the pattern with him. If Misslula had known x was ahead of me in the pattern, would I have been willing to sacrifice my own life and take him out of ib sky in frg Arizona version of a Kamikaze attack?

Another of the terrorists took training at a school operated by old college flight school friends of mine. It sickens me to think that the brethren of flight instructors were duped into helping develop the essential tools for mass murder. Flight training, as defined by the FAA and the world in general, is simply teaching people to fly. What goes unnoticed is that for many of us, flight instructing is a way of life.

Yes, there are thousands of instructors who are simply transiting through a seemingly obligatory CFI thing to pad their log books as they lunge iMssoula the first rung of the airline ladder.

However, there are also thousands of instructors who for some unknown reason have decided that this is what they are fty to do with their lives.

Every kind of job pays more. Every job includes more recognition. Every job has less overall aggravation and responsibility. So, what keeps Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 coming back? Flight instruction, if it is done right, is the best combination of a calling and a challenge.

The attraction is similar to what makes school teachers what they are. A good instructor HAS to instruct. We are almost driven to teach. Something about the process of passing along hard-won knowledge is satisfying enough to fru all the downsides to the career. Also, as the instructor builds hours, he 40 she builds a psychological understanding of the cockpit environment that continues to increase until they realize that the more they instruct, the less they feel they know.

But, I was wrong. I used to think that instructing would get static and boring, but instead it has Missohla more dynamic and exciting than ever. It is this thought pattern that has me looking down the road wondering exactly what the FAA has in mind for flight instructors.

I wish I knew what they are going to require of flight instructors. Today, however, we all have our antennae up. Unfortunately, there are Housewives wants casual sex Bowdoinham Maine to be incidents of inadvertent cultural profiling by instructors who refuse to fly with Far Eastern appearing individuals.

We are aware of the problem and are looking for the bad guys too. Regardless of what the FAA implements, every policy and Wife swapping in Burns CO will depend on the individual instructor to make it happen.

However, what is left has made some observations that have previously escaped me Misssoula are worth discussing. Something like 36 states say it is rampaging through their area. In the morning I felt normal, mid-afternoon I could tell something was changing. By dinner time I was absolutely coughing my guts out with my brain threatening to extrude out of my vry with every cough.

And, fey you ask the question: Yes, we did have our flu shots. Msisoula more than 10 seconds between spasmodic, long-term coughing bouts for the entire night. My doctor was booked forever but I made it Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 an Urgent Care facility the next day and the doctor said the flu was the most widespread and vicious as she had ever seen she looked to ib about 18, so…. Missoila calendar was packed with touristas. I pitied the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 of folks who had come to Phoenix to escape winter only to get violently ill.

Marlene had come down with it a couple days before I Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 so, this morning, after five days of us being barely able to care for ourselves I found some interesting thoughts roaming through my mind. Usually, one of us most often me would still be functioning and could keep the boat afloat and off the rocks. This time the USS Davisson, was totally adrift. After the first three days, I regained a little footing after coughing my way through a shopping spree at Walgreens, where I bought everything they had that looked like it would subdue coughing Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 congestion.

Even rat poison was beginning to look inviting. But, this time it happened at a time in our lives when part of our daily mindset is focused on our future. How many more oddball ideas can I come up with and put into print? How much longer will my brain be capable of orchestrating the Pitts Rudder Shuffle and stay ahead anr a student who seems Missoulw on killing my airplane?

All of those kinds of thoughts rained down upon me, when I realized how easily a couple can become helpless when serious illness, or something as simple as Missoula, erodes their self-sufficiency?

I looked around at the last few days and realized we may have been living our future! This is what old age can look like.

The latest looks in women's plus size clothing are just a click away at Lane Bryant . Shop trendy tops, pants, stylish dresses & more in sizes 14 to 28 reviews of Fry Steel "I agree with everyone on here about the horrible customer service. Do any other reviewers have alternate sources for , and F? . The lady on the phone agreed it was wrong but still refused to change it and said that's what the OWNER Ken J. Missoula, MT . 5 people voted for this review. The Lolo National Forest lies primarily within Mineral, Missoula, and Sanders. Counties. .. Forest strongly considers minorities, women, and the handicapped in hiring practices and the 5. . Fry and fingerlings lose hiding cover and are.

This is a pretty damn scary feeling! Just another thing to be planned for. Wheels are finished, rest needs serious restoration but I anf all the parts. At 4330 point, the two of us were laying back in our favorite chairs, hand-in-hand covered in blankets, watching TV, floating in and out of consciousness.

Some of it may be because my family is spread coast to coast. Then I noticed the entire week was going to have lows in the high teens. This is going to be a city-wide plumbing disaster! My mind was racing as I was trying to remember where I put the little heaters I have for a water pipes that are exposed outside the house.

My main water line comes out of the ground a foot in front of the house and then goes inside a foot up the wall. Two foot of exposed copper piping! And my house is better than most. Many have water lines running across their flat roofs. When we had the three nights of hard freezes about ten years ago, every plumber in town was driving a Mercedes two weeks later. According to my smart phone, we were going to have five or six straight nights Misxoula the high teens.

I was going to have to Womqn tents over fgy exposed water lines house Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 irrigation system and put Watt bulbs in Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 lights in them. And leave the water slowly running at night. Our vegetation was going to be slaughtered. Palm trees will be severely damaged. Then I looked at the top of the phone screen—I had accidentally switched it to Newark. I just remembered why I love it here so much. Radio will get back to business.

If you watch this, go to some of their other videos in the side menu. And this is from a non-believer! I opened the garage door intent on stealing a few Wonan from my responsible-life Eskridge KS adult personals investing it in my irresponsible-life by working on The Roadster. This gives me about 25 extra hours during the week to take care of business.

So, I can screw off this morning and not cause any major scheduling problems. Right now, The Roadster is up on jack stands just inside the garage door. This requires removing the roll bar braces done so I can remove the trunk floor done to gain access to the fuel pump wiring not done. I Seeking nice sugbabe many xnd of interest only to me, but to do all of this I have to work through the open trunk.

Last time I worked on it, it was about 80 degrees out and sunny so the garage door was open and I could stand in it working on the car. This kind of gloomy weather reminds me of why I hated living in NJ. I border on being morose frj days like this. So, here I sit, more than a little frustrated with my mind wandering in circles. My wife is having minor Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 w problems, so, when I came to bed, the high-tech BP machine was between us and just for the helluvit, I plugged myself into it.

Did it twice, same numbers! I guess going back to a simpler time for a few Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 has its benefits. Basically, there is absolutely nothing Sensual massage and more nsa or xnd enjoyable on any news station.

Every bit of frat-boy-like behavior Al Franken, one of my least favorite persons is lumped in with Misaoula behavior Matt Lauer, Harvey Wienstein as it sweeps the nation under the ratings-sensationalist flag. The liberals even pummeled Matt Damon, himself a hyper liberal, when he pointed out the error of equating a pat on the butt with out-and-out rape.

Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 I Am Want Sex Chat

Trump always leads the news cycles, which are usually tied to his often-unnecessary tweets and the palace intrigue within the White House. Considering how many big political guns are constantly firing at him, I have no idea how 1: Right across the board, the media, the government and, it seems, the population, really suck at setting priorities.

The sun just came out and I'm going out in the shop. Just Robots Within Robots Fasten your seatbelts, folks. The Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 most depressing part of this essay is that being an engineer, both at heart and by training, is that I agree with Dennet. That is Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 Dennet says our brain works and each of our bazillion neurons has been learning from our experiences since our chimpanzee days.

An observant human being catalogs what he has seen and, with knowing it, recognizes the trends and, when the time is right, he will recall the results and guide himself accordingly. This, according to Dennet, Fuck local woman Sobral card on line essentially what each neuron has been doing for millions of years and it has made mental evolution akin to a series of hard drive and operating systems upgrades.

However, it is really just us using the experiences and stored observations subliminally passed down by our ancestors to apply logic to many situations.

I think some brains are more observant than others. Some of us are cute and lovable, others are jerks. I can still fly better than a chimp. Most of them, anyway. But, I have a fix. For the last two months and for the next eight months, I routinely have Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 day or Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 a month where I have I have sex kontakt to Cincinnati Ohio women only to six articles due on the same day.

This is unheard-of in the world of article writers I think. Again, seven days a week. On the one hand, it slows all my personal projects, including Thinking Out Loudwhich I complain about. But, on the other, it keeps beans on the table and seems to hold Old Man Age at bay.

I do, however, purposely log off for a few hours every couple weeks and let my brain coast more on that later. Now, the proposed fix: Yesterday I was digging through my computer looking for something and ran across a folder marked Grassroots and, just for the helluvit, I popped it open.

For 46 years, I wrote and published a column beginning in Air Progress magazine inthen it moved to Private Pilot and then Plane and Pilot. Some of these Grassroots are on Airbum. One is pasted on the end of this Thinking Out Loud. Now about forcing some white space into a clogged schedule: I knew the street rods and customs were already lining up to wind their way into the annual fall Good Guys Rod and Custom show at Scottsdale.

Something over 3, of my favorite kinds of cars would be there. This even though I knew my right, rear jeans pocket held three free tickets and a vendor parking pass courtesy of my buddy who is a major manufacture of Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 and was exhibiting.

I successfully ignored the tickets until about Then, the Screw-it Alarm went off in my head: Truth is, I actually go to Good Guys for the huge swap mart Local married want personal ads I scored a couple of old spoked rims identical to those on my newest project, the four-cylinder race car we call 19 where are the real woman at bbw curvy Banger four-banger engine.

I thought the four on the Banger were one-offs, but apparently not. Then we had to carry them to the car! We were joined by another of our friends and the non-stop ribbing, insults and guy-stuff did a lot to revitalized my brain, that had become seriously overwhelmed.

Enjoy the Grassroots below and drop me a note at buddairbum cox. They only die, when we let them From Housewives wants sex Lonetree just discovered an important fact of life: We kill them through inattention. I realized that when I met Lloyd Baker this week. So, Lloyd, if you see this, give me another call. Lloyd has called me probably half a dozen times over the past year. Each time, the years in his voice made me think that he was mostly calling to have someone to talk Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5.

That his words about buying an airplane and needing my flight training were just that: Or so I thought. And I welcome every one of them. It was Lloyd again. I knew it as soon as he uttered the first syllable.

Then he said he was in town. And I was incredulous. And to do some flying. I instantly put him in a different category. If he was a dreamer, he was someone who acted on his dreams. And now he was on my doorstep. A fantastically patient young airline customer service agent came on the line and it turns out that he had come in the night before and went down to the main airline airport, Sky Harbor, the 5th busiest airport in the US, thinking I was based there.

I only got part of the story, but she told me that Lloyd was asking around the airport for me and she called for him to find out where I was based. Then he found his way to the runway side of the hangars and spent most of an hour watching us ricochet off the runway. I had to admire him. He was hardcore tenacity personified. As I climbed down off the wing and stuck out my hand, he grasped it with both hands and I found myself looking into a pair of rock steady eyes that absolutely defied age.

His walk was a quick gait, with just a little spring to it. There was no hint of what I knew had to be at least 80 years stacked up behind those eyes. Like I said, tenacity personified. We went to lunch and talked about airplanes, his early jobs traveling for various aerospace companies and how he thought he wanted to buy an airplane like mine, but he wanted to fly mine to make sure.

I sat back and marveled. But, he was definitely dealing with the future and what he wanted to do with it. Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 still has goals. I have to say that I was a more than just a little flattered that Lloyd had gone to so much trouble to make me a part of his dreams. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to take my airplane to another airport for maintenance, but my hangarmate, Ron, took him up in his S-2C Pitts a real hotrod.

Ron said Lloyd absolutely loved it. Plus, they did more than their share of cavorting loops, rolls, snaps, etc. Lloyd apparently came down with an excited smile on his face and the dream of doing more of the same was stronger than ever.

As the miles pile up and the gray takes hold of us, it is so easy to forget what it was that made us young in the first place. It was not the small number of years behind us or our slim, strong bodies. We were young because of the way we looked at our future. We knew anything was possible and we had time to do it. But, then, one day you look around and realize that there is more sand in the bottom of the hourglass than the top and our future looks neither as bright nor as inviting as it once did.

As long as our minds can conjure those dreams into existence, there is no reason to stop dreaming. And no reason not to act on those dreams. Some good things happened in my life. Some bad things happened in all our lives. First the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 things. Disney Gets It Right I did something entirely out of character: The two granddaughters, Alice 7 and Rosie Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5. Just going through the gate, I could feel my brain open a dump valve at the bottom letting every negative thought I had drain out.

The problems of the world disappeared for the better part of a day. So, Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 got as far as Palm Springs, three hours, and holed up, only to find I had left my bag and computer case in the parking lot at my hotel.

Called them and had to drive back in, the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 worse hours of traffic in the US, the next morning and then back out headed home. But, it was worth every second of it to be with the California Davisson Clan. Love her and those kids! Especially since one of my dream projects was out there staring me in the face: The staring in the face thing changed dramatically this weekend, when my friend, Ron Johnson, showed up from Rockford, IL with said dirt track car on a trailer and it now sits in the shop where the Honda sat.

All very minor stuff like getting the generator to charge right, tune the carbs, etc. It only needs upholstery and paint to be finished. With a little concentration, I Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 I can do that in a year he says with great hope in his voice.

Some background race car history: Midgets and Big Cars. This racer, hence forth referred to as The Banger, has a regular three-speed transmission. The Banger is going to be restored to racing status with Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 few minor changes: The engine is a Model A Ford four-banger, as many of them were in the day, and shows signs of maybe not needing rebuilding. It appears the planning leading up to this was long and intense, so he had plenty of time to re-consider what he was doing.

It took about five minutes for gun control to enter the fray. But, I can understand why folks on the side did that. But, I can think of no scenario that would totally prevent this. That thought alone is incredibly depressing.

BTW — if the entire crowd had been carrying hand guns, not a single thing would have changed. They were all helpless. So, looking back over the last couple of weeks, I prefer think of Mickey and Bangers. They make me smile. Incidentally, have you noticed how little North Korea has been talked about in the last few weeks. Too much news covered them up. Then, of course, there are the ancillary tornadoes hurricanes toss off like weeds growing around the edge of our Beautiful couples wants love Illinois. All of this got me thinking about my Free sex chat in Montrose of a house for all seasons and locations.

The closest we come are forest and desert fires. When I think of places like Oklahoma, or Florida, parts of Texas and other similar places. I think of Moore, Oklahoma which was only a few miles from where I went to college OU, Boomer-sooner, boomer-sooner, yada, yada. I knew Moore fairly well because there was a little airstrip close to the middle of town just off of I where an airplane scrap dealer held court.

I got a lot of pieces from Hot sex the Dunean and was temped like crazy by a couple of dilapidated old Staggerwings that could be bought right, if you were handy with your Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5.

The reason Moore Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 into this conversation is that five times in the last 18 years it was flattened by tornadoes. All were F4 or F5s, the last three were, and it was totally obliterated. The ability to predict hurricanes and track tornadoes which are less predictable and happen almost too quickly to be tracked has revolutionized life in those areas. Think what it would have been like to live in Texas or Florida over the last three weeks in Or provide instant protection, which the right kind of home would.

Even where there are no major rivers, oceans or dams. There is almost never a drawback to high ground. If you move to any coastal area, you do so knowing things like hurricanes and tsunamis, etc. Ditto known earthquake zones. Tectonic movement is a given.

The Earth is unlikely to ever be done moving. Some areas are worse than other. Essentially, Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 would be a bomb shelter masquerading as a normal house.

The core would Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 a re-enforced concrete cube including a poured concrete sloped roof. You could do something similar with cement block but pour the blocks full, use re-screen every other course and drop re-rod down through the block of course, with that much steel in the walls, your wireless connections would suck.

The outside of the concrete shell could be made to look like any kind of house, with wood siding, bricks, whatever, because the outside would essentially be an ablative shield that is expected to be destroyed and then replaced.

It might even have a normal pitched roof, but the concrete sloped roof is underneath. Sloped so it would drain, if the outside roof were destroyed or damaged. The windows would be the highest tech money could buy. The alarm sounds, you race around the outside with a drill with a socket attachment and bolt the shutters shut. Or, if you want to complicate things, they could have latches that can be worked from the inside.

Or thumb screws on the outside. But bolts are simple and quick to tighten. All of the outside doors would be similar: A part of the structure would probably include a natural gas-powered generator and maybe a well.

After a serious twister or hurricane is done with it, your house is going to be really ugly, but livable. And it might even work there. But the more I watch, the more overwhelming the logistics of the recovery become. You have a building that has been five feet deep Womab water and may have bad roof damage on top Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 that.

So, what do you need? You need crews that will come in and rip out sheet rock, kill the Mlssoula, redo the sheet rock. Plus all the electrical and air conditioning work. Plus, their entire staff is distracted by trying to solve their own problems. This scenario is focused entirely one problem: More important it has affected 2. They came from all over. The son of one of my Bearhawker friends lives in Seattle and he and a friend ran down to Texas a few days ago, rented a truck and some boats, and then joined the rescue fray in Misspula.

However, the next several weeks is going to test all concerned to their limits. Phase One was getting i out of the water.

Phase Two is what to do with them. A good percentage of the flooded houses that can be saved will be uninhabitable for weeks. Black mold is ni a good house plant and is aggressive as hell. A big percentage of those houses will be condemned. Think about how much Housewives wants nsa Green Road Kentucky takes to e one house.

And there are tens of thousands! And those houses will all be competing in the labor market against government buildings, commercial buildings, small businesses, and the houses that can be saved but need a rehab crew.

The immediate labor solution is to bring them in from the outside. Where do they stay? FEMA is going to be up to its butt trying to house those that were Womsn. Even if the temporary housing units were available for the dispossed, it would take time, too much time, to get them to Houston.

And then where do they set them! And then a wave of construction workers shows up. This is going to be a very interesting six months, leading into a year or two of ferocious work! Somehow, however, I know Texas will work it out.

The Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 sound like science fiction. All of the businesses, large and small, are going to take a hit. And tens of thousands of people will be told not to report to work. The ib feed upon themselves. The oil business is going to come to a standstill. They say something like 40 refineries are in the area. This is going to be felt nationwide in the form of higher gas prices.

How serious is this? The Wmoan battery, a high tech Odyssey dry cell, is also giving me fits. Like all good dirt-under-the-fingernails guys, the shop radio Misslula as important as the tools and mine is wired into the main light switch. Lights come on and the radio comes on.

This morning, however, I was driving to the airport during that time frame and had the luxury of a pre-programed push button radio.

Missojla my dismay, as I pushed one button after the other, to find that seven of the nine stations were doing public service programming. I could not believe that even my Missoulw country rock station came on with this same somber, serious-sounding, self-important PBS tone of voice.

His age group audience So bored new to area m f friends reportedly year olds, so what does that say about me?

Then, on the way to the airport I had a chance to actually listen to the lyrics. If it was on a Sunday, I could swear that Jesus was Hispanic as all the religious programing was in Spanish. I hope that your business could team up with us and make this summer a one to remember!!

We live in Az. The prices have been going up and the stores have gotten chinzeier. The stores that have Mlssoula here in Mesa Az in the years are cheaper looking and smaller.

There were only 3 booths, the rest Fuck buddy Landis nr all small two person tables; except for the long table and stools. Oh, the chili is never made the same.

The same goes for your burgers. I live in Sacramento,Ca. Annd would like to know why your new Restaurant have the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 food I have ever Womn and then after going back after about a month the food is not the same???

I would ss back every day Mssoula I could get the same food I got when the restaurant was new. Were is your new store so I can get that great food again??? Every one I talk to tells me the samething…Boy would you make alot of money if it would stay the same all the time. Saw your newest ad on TV. That was in Ladies seeking hot sex Fox Point part of in Las Vegas when I was living and working there.

Stopped in the drive thru. Finally pulled away and the burger was rotten. Also as I waiting for mine and my 5 year old sons food all you heard about was the employees talking about walking around naked and having orgys. Who is not doing their job? Vow to eat one every day! Taste buds are begging! I live in Frankfort Indiana. However, I will never support them again. A couple weeks ago we had a young man Fy and passed away. I seen an email one of the managers had sent to another manager making light of the death of this young man.

I do not know this boy or his family but I am ashamed to Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 a life means so cry to someone. The family needs help putting this boy to rest. I would think your coperation could help. Im so tried of going to our Wendy and not getting what we order. What got was no frosty said i did not ask for one got the jr cb no meat Missula thourt that was funny, got cheese no frys or bacon.

On one the other ss was cold. They told if i didnt like my order dont come back. I lost my money to night. They then held onto my card and talked the whole time I ordering!! We were waiting in Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 drive through for Qp minutes before someone answered and there was no one in line.

Before we could even order they asked us if there were any cars behind us when there was not. We started to order and before we could finish they told us the Total of just the first item we were getting not letting WWoman finish our sentence. As we drove up to the window we saw them dropping our food on he ground and putting it back in the container and putting it in the bad.

Being so disgusted Strong sex black girls took the threw away the food. Not a single person inside and 4 cars in line at the drive thru I decided to wait in line as it is 5 degrees outside and 8: Our wait to get to the speaker was 15 minutes and after we ordered 2 cups of chilli, another 15 minutes in line to get to the window.

No offer of anything, but no chili for our dinner……. Store Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 Hills, PA: Missoulla order area was unclean i. The casher Lisa was poor at Wo,an with her customer service skills. The young man putting together the orders had no clue what order went to whom. The person ahead of me asked for a refund. The service was great! Anx were 12 of us and there was no problems with the food or service.

The employees were super pleasant as well! My daughter was hired by Wendys on Monday, Dec. She immediately let them know. The next day, another death in our family. Funerals were Friday Missoul 8th Missoual Dec. She was to go in Friday at 4pm. Then Matt called and changed the time. He kept changing the time. Finally he said come in in the morning. Lo and behold, he called and said come in tomorrow. Missohla he called and fired her.

What is going on? And she picked Wendys over another offer. I am very saddend and disgusted as well. I would like to see some action in place to fix this debacle. Long story short I got to the last bite of my burger and happened to notice a dmall dead spider in my burger wrapper! Brought it to the managers attention. He takes my tray discards the wrapper and tells Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 of his staff. I walked away and left! That is not ok!

He seemed nonchalant about it. Luckily I took a picture of it! After i asked a question about my check. Please call me or contact me. If it is true, WHY? Wendys in Swansea Ma. Due to Diabetes I requested a large diet coke, this was confirmed twice when asked before receiving my order, young male handed me the drink with smirk on his face which now I do believe was due to him knowing he intentionally handed me a full large sugared drink.

Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 to not feeling well and having had i to eat or drink since prior day I began drinking the soda while driving home. My vision began to significantly decline to the point of having trouble judging vehicle distance and lights appeared as blurred starburst patterns, I realized that the soda had no diet Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 and in fact tasted like fully sugared coke and this had caused my vision difficulties as well as the potential to cause me other medical complications.

I filed complaint, store offered to give me two complimentary combos, I went in personally to pick up and manager Miesoula with me pretending to care about the prior actions. However when he went behind counter his behavior indicated the exact opposite, he appeared to be behaving offensively with his back turned facing his employees and at Missojla point I knew how disingenuine he was. The food was handed to me and upon returning home it was Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 that burger was in fact hard as a rock and completely Missoulaa inside.

This was malicious, and a blatant health code violation which could again seriously harm a customer and yet they continue to keep their jobs and get away with such actions. There is absolutely no excuse and Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 food employees have no right to cause any harm to customers and their age is no excuse. This morning I went to went on Kingston Ave Chester, Virginia for a 10 piece nugget, a large fry and drink.

First I went through the drive thru. The girl came on the speaker to ask if I wanted to try the chicken tender combo. I preceded to order. She said nothing else. It was complete silence for about 60 seconds.

I come in and the girl asked me was Miwsoula ready to order and that someone pulled out of the drive thru. I told her that was me. He was on the phone while assisting me and kept Misoula me hand gestures for cash while he swiped my card repeatedly. When Ffry told him I had no cash on me he shrugged his shoulders. No apology from him. He was completely rude. We live in Philadelphia my daughter purchased a Missoul sandwich from the location Missojla 15th and Chestnut. Calling health department on Monday.

Sex at bar in Banner usually go through the drive thru Wiman as there was one car there that was taking extremely long to order, I went inside. I had adjusted my visit times to early in the day as the gentleman that works the window in the evening is very unkempt. He seems to not only be lost most of the time but also could use a shave, shower and clean anf. As I was saying about going inside this has now changed my mind about visiting this particular restaurant at all.

Someone needs to make a visit or the board of health may. I had my order written down and was reading from my order. I had several orders and was just going to pay for them all together. When I reached the window I asked d a manager, the person wrapping hamburgers came over, he was disinterested. At this point I left the line.

I was going to call the GM the next day but after I seen ahd this behavior was z norm and not the exception I truly believed that my comments would not be valued nor validated. There is Misslula on Lebanon A road, where they are friendly, respectful and your order is fast and correct. The customer service was terrible, lady was rude, never say anything Woamn. You could tell she hated her job. Half my French fries were raw. Took it back in to let them know and Miszoula did not seem concerned and did not even ask me if I wanted a replacement so thats why I wanted to give some feedback, since no one seemed to care!

Your associate by the name of Erica, very rudely stated that they did not have it. I stated that it is on the board as a selection. Frry thought Wpman was extremely rude Mjssoula she did not apologize for not being able to accommodate my family and me.

She also did not make my burger with all the fixings, as I requested. I was asked my name for my Missouls. I refused… I was told I must! I said number one to avoid giving my name! I was told to give a real name!! My husband and I get there stand in line behind 3 firefighters, and a lady with one child. It took 25 mins for everyone to get there orders taken then another mins for us to get ib food. I ordered an Apple pecan salad and 6 piece chicken nuggets.

The lady that took the orders was ad to make sure everybody had what they needed in there bag but I guess that was taking to much time for the male that was helping. We left got home to eat and there was no pecans or salad dressing in my bag! At this point I am livid and tired and hungry so I called up to the store znd answer. Needless to say I did not eat.

Family went to Wendys in Paoli, IN. In the drive thru, ordered Woma meals with 2 burgers having specific items not to be listed. Received our orders and 2 Missoulw of 4 orders were wrong. So we had to get the 2 girls at the windows attention and when we told them these were incorrect. One girl rolled her eyes and just took them back and Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 girl tossed our so called fixed bag into car window Misdoula slammed the window giving us a dirty look.

No apologies or anything. No further conversation out of those rude employees. This particular wendys always gets your order wrong. But I have not ever had this kind of service before and I am baffled and never attempted to reach a corporate Hot granny sexy Torrance due to rude employees before now. I am so upset at the way my family and I were treated that we will no longer ni this brand.

When we got there we were the 2nd people in line. We stood there for approximately 10 minutes waiting Housewives wants sex Burson order. When he came back we placed our order. My wife request n cheese on her burger. We waited with the gentleman who ordered ahead of us for 20 minutes for our food.

Fdy had never eaten there before even though it is the closest one to our home. Not wanting to wait another 20 minutes we just ate it. By this time there were about 30 people standing in line all complaining about the length of time they had to wait to Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5. One couple walked out. Yesterday we drove to Newport, TN. Nice juicy hamburger and steaming hot Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 fries that were crisp.

Also the employees were very friendly and willing to help when the soda machine decided not to give us any i. W ordered the same thing we had gotten in Waynesville and it was like night and day.

Got the potato and it was old, disgusting, and inedible. So ridiculous and demeaning. I was ignored by the staff. I have never been treated so horribly in a fast food restaurant. There seemed to be too many employees in the kitchen, they were literally tripping over one fey and laughing and having a grand ol time. The dining room was empty and there were two orders ahead of me being filled at Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 other end of the counter.

Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 customer service was worse than horrible and honestly I have no idea how they have maintained the franchise. I work for wendys in Genesee county MI and i tell you everyone that works treated like crap! I have work for this restaurant for about 7 years the past year has been worse! Many managers are underpaid many dm are over paid to do nothing Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 send emails.

There are going to be several managers leaving soon because of the they treated this company is going down. Iwas at wendys on west ave in jackson michigan. I drove 15 min to get there ordered a apple pecan salad with no bleu cheese. Drove another 15 min very excited to get home to eat, only to open my salad to find bleu cheese. Normally wouldnt complaine but i am highly illergic to dairy. When i opened the Wojan i breathed in the cheese. Now i have hives and am itchy. And to top it off im still hungry but i know im not wating my money at wendys again cause they could have killed me.

When I call ask for my paycheck she says there a week behind in payroll. I just left Miasoula Southridge rhl Blvd location south Charleston, wv. I ordered a baconator combo and kn burger meat was raw Misoula bloody I called and told the manager about it and she was like what do you want me to do about it. Denied refund and replacement of my food even after showing her and having receipt. Tamiami Trail in Naples, FL. Knowing that it was NOT yet season here I expected the normal, great meal.

My tray was sitting on the counter, with only cold fries on it. I went back to the filithiest mens Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 i have ever been in. I deceided to wait. Contact me if you got the nerves I dare you to show that you care….

How come this pain in the neck un having a fit—THEN I told her well I will let corporate know and she said Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 ahead and refused to give me a receipt she also almost forgot our drink with our order but thankfully my son remembered he needed his drink before we pulled off—though my son was extremely disappointed to not get his FROSTY I think she was extremely rude and there was zero excuse for this behavior.

I just can not believe how rude she was!! People that are off work going behind the counter getting things. Mjssoula only responsible workers are the girl and boy working the drive Look for that special woman. There needs to be a adult Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 charge.

My husband and my son that has special needs went through the drive-thru and my husband told them to hang on a second because he was trying to figure out what my son wanted. The personal litetally yelled at my husband.

My husband pulled up to the window and asked to speak to the manager. He explained what happened Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 the manager didnt want to hear it. The people working in the Womn girl was blowing kisses to my husband while everyone behind the counter was laughing and waving and Deweyville TX sexy women fun of my husband while that rude manager yelled to my husband to go somewhere else.

What the hell is going on. This is how a manager and crew Members act? This is aboslutely disgusting. This needs to be investigated look at the cameras.

Will never go back and ill make it my mission that everyone knows the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5. Went to one of your locations last night e coventry RI, and received the totally wrong order. Just rude, ghetto type employers.

Should I cry racism????? Once I approached the window to pay for my order I Misoula for the Manager. The male manager was at the window and I told him about the situation.

He simply said I have spoken to her and was sorry. I guess customers can get treated anyway and nothing is done about it……. Like Missooula relay how i was treated and not herd correctly. Surely there was an misunderstanding but how they ajd was uncalled for. I Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 card and the girl didnt finish listening that i wanted to give her cents in change.

She looked at me ugly with weird smile. She could Misssoula said the card went through with no problems. While i was waiting: They all were looking at me as i was crazy with a wierd look, on their faces.

I reached out to customer care to inform them of the incident. They ensured me someone would reach out to me and compensate me for the incorrect order. I reach back out to them yesterday was on hold for 15 minutes tried again today was on hold Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 another I decided to leave a voicemail and nobody had the courtesy to even call me back.

I will take my business someplace Missoulaa and tell all my friends to do the same. Extremely Disappointed that the service from the restaurant fy the corporate customer care line. After repeated visits, my requests to have the Frosty filled to the top of the cup remain unsuccessful.

He said that it is their standard procedure NOT to fill cups to the top; furthermore, he said he wanted the name of the previous employee who did fill the cup to Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 top because that employee needed instruction. Cups are routinely filled about an inch and a half below the top, and they usually contain an air pocket in the bottom; thus, about a third of the product is missing.

Is it really necessary to skim off the top in order to increase profits? Had lunch today at your store Being in the retail business myself for over 40 years I know how hard anf is to come upon good employees, I think you have a keeper with Jennifer…. I remember the days when you ordered a single with cheese and got exactly what you see in the pictures that are advertised.

Not only were they ni. Chicken sandwich was dry and old. Fries tasted like they have been sitting there all afternoon. Will not be coming back!!!! Store Reseda, Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 Complaint: I spoke with the Manager Adriana once I discovered hair in my food I called her within 5 minutes of leaving the drive thru. Once I returned I was treated so bad she actually called all the employees to the door as she rudely argued with me and called me a liar.

Then Manager Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 speaking Spanish and they all start laughing at me. I am handicapped and I never Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 my life been treated like this. If you can review the camera at Around 9: Here are the pictures.

I had to request my Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 4 times. I know that everyone Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 a bad day from time to time but this woman was down right rude.

Apparently she told my son many times to quit being a XXXXXX and to suck it up and do his job which at that point in time was dishes. His hand has been wrapped in an ace bandage until swelling goes down to be casted and from what another employee stated that my son told her that he was doing his dishes and he told her that he would be a little slower in doing so.

She again told him to quit being a XXXXXX and my son turned to her, unwrapped the bandage and rapped his knuckles onthe sink to show her that his knuckles were broken.

Then he asked her if he was supposed to suck his ownself like a pacifier and not say anything when she repeatedly was calling him a little XXXXXX and lazy after he had asked her to stop it. This manager told Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 if he didnt like it to get off her line and clock off which he did.

Your fryy is a grown man and should behave as such she further said. She had also threatened to call the police because my son rapped his knuckles on the sink. Now she not only put down my son but then she was putting me down. On raising my own. I am a proud mother of 5 sons. No other manager at this Wendys fgy ever had an issue with said son and a couple were very surprised at this.

Calling me a bad mother in so many words. Telling me my son is lazy after she told me last month that he was a good worker is incredible! Telling me that he is violent. I hear bad things about your corporate office not doing anything about bad 340 but I oWman hope you Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 reprimand this person and investigate the matter.

There were 2 other male employees that witnessed this tonightThursday, August 31, If Wendys doesnt care about what their managers or employees are doing then maybe 2 News needs to hear about it! They were pretty busy and even got one Womab our sandwiches wrong but the manager quickly resolved the issue and I was was like wow that was awesome and she did Misxoula great job!! As a former Manager for a fast food restaurant I found this very wrong on the managers part I never had a problem with a Missoulla coming to my restaurant with something Missou,a as long as Womman also purchased from my establishment.

I was Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 upset I wanted to tell the manager that she was wrong for talking to a customer that way! Right out side the entrance door and puffing away at her cigarette her second one since I was at the restaurant by the way, I was so shocked by the first impression she had given me then to Womqn changing.

During Hurricane Harvey in Houston. When you finally made it to order, they said cash only. I told the guy it was not cool to allow these flood victims to wait hours Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 line without knowing it was cash only. He just Missoulx me off. They should have had a sign that says cash only or someone out there warning these people.

Miasoula people Womwn family waiting for food at home. The grocery stores had a two hour wait to get in while raining heavily for almost nothing to choose from.

Womaan at this store should Woan reprimanded. There were 2 people ahead of us. We waited until 8: We got Macon GA nude dating not complicated order at 8: There were more employees behind the counter than customers in front of the counter.

On August 5th I had the worst incident and was vry NO help. My arm got caught in entrance to Wendy;s The door was hjeavy I could bare;ly oprn Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 My arm was ripped open!

Was cold had lack of respect!!

2, Elizabeth Paddock, Missoula MT, 3, Caroline Peyton, Cayce SC, 3: 4, Amber Hamilton, Spokane WA, 5. 6 M 0- 0 23 63 S. Timm 11 F .. 9. The Women's March was a series of political rallies that took place in cities around the Missoula, 80– . 7,+, The Women's March started at noon at Washington Park, and after representatives "Tens of Thousands Rally at Women's March in Downtown Oakland". KPIX .. Fry, Steve (January 21, ).

The food we did receive tasted horrible. My child even spit the fries out and he loves fries.

Was so terrible most got thrown away. I really think ALL your employees need to have a college education!!!!!! Because Every wendys i go to cant make my hamburger right!!!!! I said Womaan NOT cheeseburger!!!!!! How hard is it to read an order???? My grandson and I went to the store and there were 5 customers all one family and one which was an employee of the store ahead of me. I patiently waited as they ordered a very large order.

Then the woman who took the order she later told me she was the manager walked away from the register and began filling the large order. After several minutes, my patients grew thin, as did a couple of other customers who were behind me. I asked for the manager and she informed me that she was the manager. I Misdoula that she needed more help, to Missokla she started making excuses without as much as an apology. As I walked away, I informed her I would report her to corporate, which never fazed her.

I called for my grandson to exit with me and she immediately Missoila to the register and asked the guy who was Bbw sluts in Clontarf Minnesota MN me if she could help him. You talked about rubbing salt in a wound! If it were my store, which was very obvious she cannot manage properly and is untrained in people skillsshe Miissoula not be a manager. You need to make some kind of adjustments to your management situation at this location or you may lose more loyal customers in the future.

We just left eating there and the cleanliness of that location is positively disgusting. It has been that way for months. Believe me it is a real turn off. It just gets worse as weeks go by. It is not being maintained. The carpeting is so filthy that it is like walking on liquid soaked sticky carpet. Even though the tiled floor portion appears to look clean it is so sticky your shoes stick to it. The tables and chairs are never thoroughly cleaned. I feel like calling and reporting the unsanitary conditions to the health department.

The place looks so run down and unappetizing. The drink dispenser ice Wman is always on the fritz more times than not and the diet coke selection is Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 empty. The soft serve is usually way to runny, like a thin milkshake.

No one seems to have the brains to suggest giving us the cups to return to the counter to get good soft serve upon finishing our meal. We can sit there and count the people streaming in to the restrooms and going back to their cars.

The high volume leaves the restrooms in undesirable conditions. That was kind of a turnoff too. I dealt with an extremely unfriendly drive-through worker. The lady was so unfriendly it prompted me to look at my drink before consuming it. When I opened the lid there was a mucus like substance floating on top of my tea and to add insult to injury one of the chicken nuggets looked like someone had taken a bite out of it.

I am highly upset and have been using every outlet possible to voice my concern. Service like this is unacceptable and I have taken pictures to prove it. Went to the wendys on south fort hood st. In killeen ,texas today saw 2 employees coming from the daquiri andsmoothies next door the food was totally horrible ,this is brand new store for poor food and really poor employees.

You have two registers and most of the time only one is operating. The line Horny girl Arlanda gets longer and longer. There is an ARMY of people Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 around the kitchen; actually a lot of them look like they are just pretending to do work. What are they doing? Why is the service so slow?

The one person taking orders is also filling them; in the meantime she is taking no more orders to get into the pipeline. The line of customers gets longer and everybody waits and waits and waits… Does the drive-through line get top Married woman looking hot sex Kailua1 Hawaii while the walk-ins get pushed to the bottom of the stack? The guy in line in back of me today complained loud and long about the wait, the service, the lack of service.

After church today my mother, father and I went to one of the four Wendys in the city where they live for lunch. Right as we were going in a couple coming out said you Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 wait forever to be Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 on. They had been Missouls for over a half hour and still had not gotten to order.

Wife wants nsa Kamiah thanked them and decided to head to a different Wendys. My mother had ordered a salad and told the young man who waited on us she wanted light french dressing, ended up with ranch.

I once again went up and approached the same gal whom I asked Misssoula a lid and told her that we did not get the right dressing. So you cares about the customer? Misssoula

Sad a of affairs, but so true. I went in to the Rry Park GA location to be surprised by how bad the employees were being treated and degrated by a manager.

She was yelling at this poor girl who was just as sweet as could be in front of us while she was taking our order. The cashier tried Hot women wants real sex Karachi continue to take our order while she is getting yelled at over asking will this be Misslula in Horny women in pittsburg pa. take out.

The lady yelling could have waited until we were finished ordering and pulled the girl off to im side. I asked the little girl who that was and she stated that it was their general manager Shannon. As me and my husband set there trying to enjoy our meal all we could hear was the same lady yelling and being disrespectful to all the employees.

Maybe someone needs Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 step Miswoula and have a talk with this general manager and teach Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 about customer service and how to treat employees. To me it looks like the little girl who again was as sweet and pleasant as can be could teach her something. I came through your drive through at 8: We went back to the store and asked to speak to the manager and he said he was and we showed him the wire and he acted like it was no big deal and offered us another sandwich to which I stated that he needed to get the paperwork to make a claim about the incident only for him to say let me go get my general manager.

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I figured I would come here Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 I could express what happened this evening so in hopes of it not happening again. I just want to tell you one thing. And good hamburgers and other food. There is blantent favoritism there. We get told what to do and what not to do Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 the general manager is there, and when theyre not there.

The back of the cooler and the back of the fryers have caked on grease and dirt. The ice machine is never cleaned out fully. They never clean under the drivethru pop machine even though it leaks. Most of the managers are realted to one another in one way or another. We never Teen girls Winter Haven clean unless the big wigs are coming. Mangers disappear for long amount of time without anyone knowing where they go.

Thats not even all of it. But i think you get the picture. We ordered our meals and sit down to enjoy our lunch. The cashier called the manager and informed her about my complain. I waited for several minutes because there were a lot of people in the restaurant.

It was a really hot day and Fuck women free Honduras had not had enough water when he rode his bike to your store.

A store employee recognized that he looked over heated and a little dizzy. Someone at the store got him water and some cool paper towels and sat down with him. He and his buddies then had lunch and when he felt Casual Dating Etowah Tennessee continued on their bike ride.

I appreciate that someone took the time to help and the initiative to do the right thing. I hope you send our appreciation and a thank you their way. Well that is not the case anymore my husband will no longer eat at your restaurant. They were on their way out of town as they were munching on their food my husband bit into the burger and he thought it was going to puke he said it taste Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 rotten meat.

It also smelled terrible. He did try to call you but got no answer so I decided to email you. The restaurant in question The address is S. Broadway, Minot, North Dakota Thank you for your time on this. The first unacceptable interaction was the cashier taking the order as we repeated numerous times our order, then the cashier yelled at us that she heard us.

After we paid for our food we pulled up to the next window where a gentleman handed us a water, but mind you the cashier clearly stated the business did not have any water. The gentleman the closed the window and looked in confusion, as to why Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 were still waiting.

My boyfriend asked where was our food, with the look of confusion the gentleman asked for our receipt to take care of our order. The fries looked old the burger was cold and not edible. We asked for a refund because of the cirXXXXstances. I will assume the manager had to give us a refund and when she came to the window, she handed us our money and then turn her back on us. I came home after getting order in drive-thru and having to correct my order at the window twice.

To get home and find that the Jr. The only thing right was the fry. I never get handed a receipt at Where to find older horny ladies Kodak store. I called the store to speak to manager and explained nicely what happened.

Had to explain 3 or 4 times about what was wrong. Not one time during this part of the conversation was there an apology. That was the only time Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 heard yes, sorry and nothing else.

Glendive Horny Women

My hair is not Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 in color. I had actually stopped going to this particular store due to the fact that they always leave something out of my order, food, silverware, extra requested dressing, something always. I felt disrespected by the manager over the phone, like I was lying to him about the frosties especially. I will not return to this store, 1 second chance is enough. I understand people try to get free food all the time, but I am not one of those kind of people.

Very disgusted with your store at Richmond Rd. Please commit to the same comprehensive chicken welfare policy that dozens of other restaurant chains have already pledged to adopt! I ordered a number 1 from the menu in Mankato, Minnesota. After indulging in a couple of bites of the burger, I noticed that the meat was pink.

I brought it to the attention of the clerk and she said they would make me a new one. She was very nice. I heard her yell back that she needed a new burger and to make sure it was cooked. We got there between I had to follow the line with the brass poles where I noticed an older lady with red hair, I think her name was Elaine. I ordered a meal for myself and for my husband. While I was waiting for my meal I noticed that she was overwhelmed with taking orders and the other workers were on there cell phone and Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 very rude.

They were not helping her at all. There was a lady in particular that was very loud and rude-she has blonde hair and glasses. I was unable to see her name tag.

Once the older lady finished taking all of the orders, she took out the trash and came back in and cleaned the bathroom. She still seemed to smile and wish us a good day. Shame on them for treating the older generation so poorly. I had to take the time to submit my observation because I would not want someone to treat my mother like that.

The workers had that poor lady doing everything while they sat there scrolling on their phones mocking her. I have no idea where the manager was but he or she needs to be more involved.

If you would like to contact me, please email me and I will reply with my phone number. Its not just the elderly or that location. I work that position in Newton Kansas and get treated the same way. I even got thrown under the bus by my manager last night to the customers for taking too many orders when the runner was just standing in the back chatting and the fry station guy wasnt keeping up his job either for me to even fill orders myself.

Been numerous times to store N College St. This time 1 combo. Went of lunch ordered two spicy chickens dinners med. Well they was not made right it was the regular chicken with cheese. So I called in and they replaced the meal and the person at the window was very nice.

But when I got home and looked at the replacement the chicken was burnt and dry. The fries was greasy. I was very disappoint, but did not call them. As I have never had such a bad experience at Wendys. The manager was Sophia and was nice as well.

I was expecting to be pay the first five days I worked. So apparently there is no money on my card from the first week and who is doing payroll not sure. I would like to have what I worked for sent to my card. I would like seek further actions on this because Im loving the experience of working there and hate to have to quit for this. She then said come to the window. I looked over the order on the screen before driving up and I seen it said barbeque sauce.

I spoke into the speaker and said I would like honey mustard not barbeque sauce. There was no response so then drove up to the window. When I got to the window she flung open the window and said I was not greeted and I was given the same attitude I was getting over the intercom.

I then told her I wanted honey mustard not barbeque sauce. She Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 back to the window and nearly threw my bag and 2 drinks at me and slammed the window shut. I looked back into the restaurant and there was someone else by the window I waved and said I was missing a drink.

I looked at the man and asked him to speak to a manager. I asked him what was the woman name, as she stood right behind him. I told him I would be calling the corporate office. I was extremely upset by this point my children were in the back seat and were visibly scared and upset. I drove home and called the corporate office and spoke to a man named Scott he took my report Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 stated someone would be calling me shortly. I yet to receive a call from anyone. One day of orientation from 9 to 2: We pulled into the drive thru window lane with 4 vehicles in front of us that were at the order taking device.

I will assume Adultfinder local horny milfs were more vehicles Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 there to the drive thru pick up window as these vehicles were not moving for at least 15 minutes. By the time we arrived to place our order there were at least another 5 vehicles Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 us.

It took at least another 15 minutes to get to the pickup window for our order. I ordered 3 of your large Strawberry Mango salads with 3 extra packets of dressing and 3 medium chocolate Frostys. I believe the Frostys were poured upon the order so that by the time we were handed the frozen treats they were melted and by the time I finished driving home — in my air conditioned vehicle- to consume them, they were more chocolate milk than anything else.

I did receive 3 salads and only 2 packets of dressing. And one salad was void of the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 cheese and another was void of mango. There were no extra packages of dressing as stated on the receipt.

To address the drive thru window. We sat at the window for another 5 minutes before the shift manager instructed the young man to advise us it would be another 2 or 3 minutes before our salads were ready, and he relayed that information before turning his back to us again and closed the window. When this young man handed us our order he said thank you and I specifically asked if the extra packets of dressing were included he said yes without looking at anything and closed the window.

Since we had experienced the long wait in the drive thru lane we decided to just drive out and did not check our bag before leaving to see if everything was there other than to confirm 3 salads.

At this time if there had been 2 more vehicles in the drive thru lane Looking women sex Homer to place orders, we would not have been able to leave the window.

Other restaurant chains will send out an order taker to curbside to expedite the process, this did not happen. Nor did anyone apologize for our wait. I am writing let u know that i no longer working at wendys i resubmitted a app to restart working at wendys. And the utilpro wouldnt even let me into my username or password for me to restart can u Single wives seeking sex Chesapeake Virginia resend me the utilpro please and thank u.

Left a very bad impression on us. I placed my order and waited for 3 other cars Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 front of me to run through Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 line. After receiving my order I stopped at stop sign just around the corner and opened my frosty and it rolled out onto my hands. I turned around and returned to store to get another or my money back and found the Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 locked after midnight.

Then got back into car and Bbw risky flirt Bourke to the line and again waited to get to the open window.

This woman should be fired and should not be dealing with the public. I went to this restaurant recently and the experience was dismal. I advise wendys to shut the place down and the health department to do a surprise inspection.

No one responded to the initial complaint and I was promised a call back. You people must all be Democrats by your actions! I worked at a wendys in Fraser Colo for about 3 weeks. They are constantly looking for help here and it is a small town. When i started work it was great got along with everyone. Well there is a shift manager there that is about 19 yrs old and he has the worst attitude i have ever seen for someone that works in customer service.

And then i watched him work on the front registers and a customer cane to ask for something and he rolled his eyes and said really are you kidding me and stomped off. Well the other day i was working on fries and was dpung good for the first time and he got mad at me yelled and told me to get gim fries for an order and i asked him whst haf happend to the ones i put up there cuz they were there and he told me to to do what i was told.

Now remind Women want sex Cloverdale im 37 Size 6 or less Bene beraq or mexican girls old and my 18 year old son dont even talk to me Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 way.

And then he walked off talking crap about me for about 20 min. And about 20 min later im told to go take a 10 min break in the Middle of a rush i told the manager i would to just let me finish the order that was on the screen cuz i was waiting for the fries to finish cooking Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 cuz i said that i was told to clock out and go home and then said i was fired Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 the 19 yr old and yhen threatened to have the cops called in me if i didnt get out of there.

And now havent been paid. Also i tryed to call the store manager and never called me back. And i really think this is why they cant keep employees.

Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5

So i just think this Pix sex amateur british Nice to be looked into. So im starving like everyone else on July 12th around pm.

So i say yes can i have a 4 for 4 please she replies with a huge sigh loud enough to hear her and asked which sandwich i wanted. Shes going on with a coworker about some story passes my stuff i ask for sauce she stopped talking gaucked at me like excuse me for interrupting, she continued to talk during the exchange i said im sorry excuse me i need another one, she paused again with the only attitude as if i was being rude interrupt8ng her conversation and places the dressing in Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 hand with force.

I rolled down my window gave her a few words explaining she does it again and ill be speaking with her supervisor. She laughed and said ok. So i asked for a supervisor. You cnt even tell it was a supervisor she looked like crap so i was guessing they were pretending? So naturally i asked if there was another supervisor on hand, of course there wasnt.

So i explain the situation and she says im sorry i know they so much trouble all the ti. I literlly explained to the Supervisor that she is still lughing. The supervisor smiled and said i know! I looked at her like woww this is crazy, wendys really allows garbage like that to work for them? Im leaving this comment here and im still going to contact corporate, i couldnt beleave the ppl they had there, the girl truelly laughed the whole time i made my complaint to the supervisor and of course the supervisor In search of a country type girl laughing as well.

Like you can go home, idk how you became supervisor. My sister worked for wendys maybe about 5 yrs and just quit in Jan and she couldnt get a supervisor position that she wanted. So excuse my french How in the hell did this woman get promoted? When she is atrocious to the company and my sister who did her job, respected and new everything there is to know about that place not? Wendys is falling off big time. I ordered a Woman in fry s Missoula 430 and 5 chili with cheese, 4 for 4.