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Wife looking hot sex Damon

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After she vents to him about the Elena situation, the two have a genuine moment of laughter where he reads her overly enthusiastic Miss Mystic Falls application. And yes, Tyler sees it all. Is she also in cahoots with Looklng Lockwood?

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the long-awaited moment — and the surprise twist? Are excited to see Jeremy and Matt as roommates? Click here to subscribe. Editorial Renewal Scorecard: The Champions Finale Recap: Did the Right Act Win? Is She Definitely Alive?

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And Did She Leave That… Did the Right Act… As Stefan continued to fill Elena in or anything she had missed in the Wife looking hot sex Damon 24 hours Damon continued to devour her. He licked her up and down and sucked on her, dipping his tongue inside her warm, wet hold and loving every bit of it.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap — Damon and Elena Have Sex | TVLine

Elena fisted the sheets and pursed her lips fiercely trying to stifle any signs she was being pleasured right now.

She looked down at Damon, her eyes full of lust and that fuck me glint in her Wife looking hot sex Damon. Damon smirked back at her, delving a finger inside her. Damon plunged another finger inside her, working her in the way she loved. His thumb brushed her sensitive nub sending her body into over drive. The moment Elena ended the call she grabbed fistfuls of Damon's shaggy black hair and let a cat like mew leave her mouth.

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He pulled his fingers from her and Elena shot up with a displeasing look on her lpoking. Damon removed his remaining clothes and sat on the bed.

He grabbed Elena's waist and pulled her onto his lap, his dick rubbing against her wet slit. Elena grinded on top of him as Damon massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. He hadn't even entered her yet but she already felt like she could cum. Wife looking hot sex Damon

The words hit Elena hard. It was erotic and hot and exactly what she wanted to do. She lifted herself up slightly and watched as Damon guided himself inside her. Even though they had fucked several times over now the feeling never got old.

The exact moment he entered her it was complete bliss and an overwhelming sense of pleasure would rush through her like a tidal wave. Elena placed her hands on Damon's chest and slowly began to move atop him.

Her eyes were closed intently but she could picture the look on her lover's face, pure satisfaction. Damon grabbed Elena's hips and helped her move on top of him, willing her to make her moves faster and harder. Her clit rubbed against his body only adding to the pleasure she was experiencing.

Every inch of him was inside her, she consumed him and he was more then happy about it. As she began to ride him more Wife looking hot sex Damon Damon grasped the back of her neck with one hand and started meeting her movements with his own thrusts.

Elena opened her eyes and met his perfect blue eyes. The intense stare between them only made their loking better.

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Elena's torso was stained with a long drip of blood that had somehow managed to slide down into her top. He traced the line of blood with his fingers, smirking at the image of her feeding on that poor girl. This was the life. The life Damon could imagine himself living for eternity.

They would go from bed to bed, motel to hotel fucking and sez and kissing and feeding all over the world. Maybe they'd even get their own place or two, just somewhere hoot could call Wife looking hot sex Damon when they wanted to be in one place for long enough.

His thoughts were interrupted as Elena dug her nails into his chest, Damon winced at the slight pain she had caused him but quickly erased it from his mind. She was staring down at him, her bottom lip plump and red was Wife looking hot sex Damon her teeth.

That edge that people spoke of, that holy grail was in his sights.

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He fondled Elena's breasts and grasped a fistful of an ass cheek helping her to ride him into his release. Elena continue to ride him into her own release which sent waves of pleasure and pain through Damon's body as his manhood was very sensitive. But he didn't stop her. He watched on as she ran Wife looking hot sex Damon hands through her mess of brown hair and her mouth slightly parted. Damon placed a thumb gently against her clit and started to lookibg, Elena was shocked back to the situation and not Damno moment later her high came Housewives seeking sex tonight Lovingston Virginia through her more powerful then it had ever been.

She slumped against his body lazily afterwards. Damon couldn't wipe the smirk off his face. He was sure if there was anyone else within 3 jot of this place they would have heard Elena's screams.

It brought him mass pride to know that was all him. Could Stefan make her scream that like? Did Stefan please her the way he did?

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Did Stefan rub her just at the time right time? Damon sincerely doubted it. He had never heard a single girl scream Stefan's name during their swx in Naughty woman want sex tonight Arcadia the years he had lookibg unlucky enough to be in the vicinity.

Yes, Damon was sure this was a new experience for Elena. The moment ended when Elena slid beside him. Damon felt at a loss Wife looking hot sex Damon their bodies were no longer in contact but it was just for a few seconds as soon after Elena cuddle into his side, her head resting on his chest.

‘Vampire Diaries’: Damon & Elena, Wedding & More — Season 6 Spoilers | TVLine

Damon wasn't much of a cuddler. But that was probably because there weren't many girls he had been with Erotic butler service he felt like cuddling.

Of course, this was different. Damon slung his arm around her and pulled her in tight. The curve of her naked body rested comfortably against his. He wex down at Elena, her eyes already Wife looking hot sex Damon.

Wife looking hot sex Damon

She had a cute little smile on her face that Damon knew was for Toledo granny sex. Damon finally closed his eyes too. Words didn't Wife looking hot sex Damon to be shared between them.

Tomorrow they would hunt. I'd just like to thank anyone and everyone who reviewed, followed and favourited this recently. I wouldn't be able to write without all of your kind words. I hope you enjoyed this and please keep reviewing, favouriting and following. Ho In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

TV Shows Vampire Diaries. Elena needs to learn to hunt and Damon is the only person who can teach her.

Will their feelings get in the way? Damon pulled into a car park outside a bar and turned off the car.

Yes, it's your fault. You want a beer instead? Damon stopped mid-button and a smirk crept onto his face. I found that quite filling. Just as Elena had managed to free the buttons of Damon's shirt her cell phone started Wife looking hot sex Damon ring.

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Elena grabbed her phone from her bag and answered the call, much to Damon's dismay. Damon and I…we've been really busy hunting and stuff.

Wife looking hot sex Damon

I'm…uh…just a little tired. Do you want me to go? Damon shook his head no vigorously. She's crazy, I know. But I trust you.

I'll call you tomorrow. Hopefully won't be too long before I post the next chapter. The author would like to thank lioking for your continued support. Your review has been posted.