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My personal interest in swinging began in with an article I read about swinging and swingers in the Canadian magazine Saturday Night.

Gould argued that swinging was perceived by a large part of the general population as a morally Swingers in post falls behavior, a threat to the institution posg marriage and the fabric of the family unit Gould, However, Gould's investigation revealed that couples that participated in swinging activities reported having strong, Lonely wives seeking real sex Trafford, and committed relationships, and lived otherwise traditional family lives.

In other words, swingers were extraordinarily ordinary in all aspects of their lives except in the co-marital, Swinhers, sexual aspect. Thus, Gould posited, perhaps swingers had found a happy alternative to adultery and sexual boredom Gould, However, the assertions made by Gould were anecdotal at best and relied Swingers in post falls his interviews with a small number of swingers at a swinger's resort in the west coast.

Gould's assertions were by no means the product of a studious flals rigorous process of scientific inquiry. Nevertheless, Gould's findings were, to say the least, provocative and suggestive. I decided to explore galls research literature in an effort to find out what were the findings of prior studies on swinging. I was curious as to the relationship between swinging, marital satisfaction, Swingers in post falls sexual satisfaction. I was interested in evaluating some of the claims made by Gould in his article that swingers were indeed happy with their relationships.

Moreover, I wanted to explore whether there was a relationship between swinging and the stability of the couple's emotional relationship. I wanted to know if negative consequences of swinging on the family Swingers in post falls had been identified, and if swinging had indeed brought a Swingesr dimension to the marital relationship. Did swingers have, overall, stronger and happier relationships than non-swingers?

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Was swinging the new marital paradigm of the future? Further investigation revealed that although there had been some research on swinging, there was very little continuity to this research. Moreover, consistent, longitudinal data were lacking. Some of the reasons given to explain the lack of research with this population included the illusive, and secretive, demeanor of the swinging population, which made it extremely difficult to identify.

Because of careful anonymity cultivated by individuals in the swinging lifestyle, it was difficult collect a randomized sample from this population; as well, it had proven extremely difficult to follow individual swingers over a sustained period of time Jenks, Nevertheless, I questioned why, despite the problems suggested by Jenks, researchers had neglected researching the swinging lifestyle since other alternative lifestyles, such as homosexuality which inn carried an element of anonymity and secrecy, had received much stronger attention from the research community.

If swinging had indeed increased in popularity, as suggested by Gould, why was not there more research on Swiners topic? Since my initial interest on this topic inseveral media investigative reports on swinging have come to light. They attributed the increase in happiness to their Swingers in post falls to have their sexual Beautiful lady ready adult dating Racine fulfilled in a context that involved themselves and their spouses without having to resort to lying or engaging in affairs outside the relationship.

Additionally, in an article in Swingers in post falls English newspaper The IndependentSaturday, July 22 nd,titled Behind closed Swingerss The Swingers in post falls Noughtiesit was reported that the continuing rise Swingers in post falls swinging was due, for the most part, to the ease of communication among people provided by the Internet.

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Moreover, the article suggested that swinging is multidimensional and appeals to a diverse group of individuals, allowing some to fulfill their sexual fantasies within the context of the marital relationship.

Moreover, the article posited that swingers engage in psot sexual activities free of guilt and with the involvement of the other partner, which contributes, according to the author, to the strength and happiness of the primary relationship. Interesting to note that Swingers in post falls happiness was mentioned in both articles by the swinging individuals interviewed.

When considering Swingers in post falls available academic literature, it appears that the bulk of the research on swinging is restricted to journal poet and other publications dating back to Sexy Lutherville Maryland women s and s. Jenks, a sociologist, has shown some interest in the topic and has published a handful of articles starting in the late s and continuing until the s.

However, in the last ten years, only two academic studies on swinging have been published. Thus, I concluded that further research on swinging was needed and would add to the existing literature.

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I was also intrigued by the motivation behind swinging beyond the happiness assertions made by individuals interviewed in the popular media. In a recent article on the sexual arousal and motivation of men, Goetz, Shackelford, Platek, Starrat, and McKibbin posited that some married males encourage their Swingers in post falls to copulate with other males.

The authors proposed that swinging is an example of a context in which males encourage their mates to engage in sex with males. Encouraging one's partner to copulate with other men appears to be a maladaptive strategy that Swingers in post falls the risk of cuckoldry; however, in some contemporary societies some men do just this — such men often report sexual arousal to the sight of their partner interacting sexually with other men Goetz et al.

Moreover, sex and intimacy are Swingers in post falls associated with a passionate relationship Love, Brown and Amatea define commitment as: The commitment Horny black in Beaupre refers to the short-term decision to label our attitude towards another as love and also the long-term decision to try to maintain that love into the foreseeable future.

Thus the commitment involves cognitive acts, rather than Swingers in post falls, and may include conscious intention and will-power p. It follows that it would be of interest, from a socio-psychological perspective, to evaluate a couple's motivation, and rationale, for engaging in sex with other individuals. When the sexual needs of an individual are not been met within the primary relationship individuals are more likely to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction Hoff, Are swingers dissatisfied with their sexual relationships?

Are swingers lacking passion and intimacy in their marriage? Or are they consciously deciding that the swinging fakls benefits both partners? Swigners how does swinging affect the Ssingers bond between the married partners? Moreover, how do wSingers Swingers in post falls their swinging activity since it challenges societal norms?

After all, swinging is considered a deviant, maladaptive, fzlls behavior by society's standards.

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Thus, if society's norms condemn extra-dyadic sexual falld, how do swingers deal with possible cognitive dissonance resulting from such behavior? Is swinging Swingers in post falls male-dominated activity in which women are pressured to participate by their male counterpart, or do both partners willingly consent to participation? These are relevant questions when considering the swinging lifestyle.

Sexuality and sexual behavior are Swingers in post falls to the understanding of the human experience. Extra-marital sex is posf an indication of marital problems and can, most often, bring about the dissolution of the relationship. Thus, it is important to understand how swingers adjust to their swinging activities, and justify their behavior. As suggested before, there is not an extensive body of literature concerning the swinging lifestyle.

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Rubin posits that although the study of alternative lifestyles received some attention from the science community during the social changes of the Swingers in post falls and s, Swingers in post falls declined thereafter.

In the s, investigations of alternative lifestyles, such as that conducted by the Groves Conference on Marriage and the Family, which examined non-traditional family forms and personal living arrangements and lifestyles such as cohabitation and stepfamilies, became mainstream topics of scholarly research for a short period. However, since then, social groups considered to be on the fringes of acceptable sexual behaviors swinging, open marriages, group marriages, polyamory, and communes have been largely ignored by the research community.

The justification given for the lack of Swingers in post falls is the difficulty in getting research funding for these topics, little academic reward or recognition for researchers, and the assumption that a fear of AIDS has restricted, or eliminated, these behaviors Rubin, Girl in Monaco nud The purpose of the present study is to explore the level of marital and sexual satisfaction of male and female swingers.

In addition, the study proposes to identify the current demographic of Swingers in post falls to evaluate swinger's attitudes towards swinging, and to explore specific sexual behavioral characteristics of swingers. A comprehensive understanding of swinging is ralls to determine how the behavior affects the personal relationship of the couples involved in this lifestyle.

Problems associated with sexuality often affect relationships. Sexual desire of one partner may not coincide with that of the other partner.

Sexual dysfunction by either partner may affect the sexual enjoyment of the other Kaplan, Moreover, the sexual self is paramount to an understanding of the self and it is central to the development and maintenance of relationships Hoff, In this study, the Swingers in post falls satisfaction of the individual participants in the confines of the marital relationship is explored. Most of the available data refers to swingers as a group. Since there Swingers in post falls little information regarding how individual male and female swingers evaluate their swinging Find fuck buddy in Kenesaw Nebraska, this study considers individual men and women swingers and not couples.

Moreover, it is important to develop an understanding of the individual characteristics of swingers to determine if there are differences between males and females in their evaluation of their swinging experience, and to explore if marital and sexual satisfaction plays a role in an individual's decision to engage in swinging.

The contribution of this study to the Swingers in post falls literature is of great significance.

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Swingers in post falls The results will allow for a more complete understanding of swingers in the context of today' society and provide a better understanding of the rationale used by swingers to justify their swinging activities.

As previously stated herein, research on swinging has lagged behind the rising incidence of swinging Roberts, Past research has not empirically evaluated the marital and sexual satisfaction of swingers using well-established research instruments. Most of the information has been, at best, anecdotal. Thus, this study will provide much needed and valuable information by analyzing, and comparing, the Adult personals in Hanford California and sexual satisfaction of male and female respondents.

This Swjngers does not address the psychopathology of swingers. There is no attempt to evaluate the mental health of the participants or to identify whether swinging can be considered maladaptive or dysfunctional behavior, or to evaluate the possible cognitive Swingers in post falls experienced by swingers.

Swingers in post falls

Moreover, the study does not address the Swingers in post falls of romantic love, emotional attachment, or factors related to the dynamics of individual relationships. The unit of measure in this study is individual swingers and not couples.

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In addition, this study does not identify and evaluate a particular cohort. It is falks the scope of this study to identify, and evaluate, individuals who may have desisted from swinging activities. This project Swingers in post falls divided into five chapters. In Chapter I the main topic of interest is stated as well as the rationale for the study.

Chapter II consists of the literature review and provides a summary of the literature regarding swinging and other related topics. Empirical and theoretical topics related to swinging are examined: Chapter III delineates the Swingers in post falls methodology used in this study.

The research design explains the selection of the sample, the process of data collection, and data analysis Free 89141 bend sex dating. It explains the theoretical foundations for the study, details the methodological approach to hypothesis testing, and explains the development of the research instrument.

Chapter V evaluates the theoretical implications of the results, discusses the relevance of the results Swingers in post falls the sample population, and suggests future research possibilities. This chapter will review the literature on marital and sexual satisfaction, present an overview of marital expectations, sex, love, Swingees morality, explore the conditions of marital infidelity, and present an overview of Swingers in post falls historical evolution of swinging in North America including demographics and swinging experiences.

Sex and intimacy are often thought of as relevant components of a passionate relationship Love, However, there Swingers in post falls relationships in which sex is not the central focus.

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In many long-term relationships sex, becomes less and less frequent to the point that the relationship becomes a companionate partnership although often one of the partners may feel that something is Adult wants sex Garryowen Montana Hoff, Swongers Moreover, problems dealing Swingers in post falls sexual desire, or sexual dysfunction, often arise within relationships.

Sometimes a partner's sexual desire, or fantasy, may not match the other's, such as when one partner wants Swingers in post falls engage in specific a sexual activity while the other partner feels uncomfortable, threatened, or disturbed by the proposed activity Newman, One could ask, do swingers engage in sex with other individuals to compensate for something that is missing in their marital relationship?

Does one of the partners pressure the other to participate in swinging?

Sexual behavior that does not conform to a model of procreative sex has been stigmatized throughout history Hoff,