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Attack of the Killer Bees: But if we permit this Frankenstein of complexity to continue to work at its current plodding, insidious rate, it will slowly overwhelm us to impotency". Killing civilians How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie unbridled violence because we use too-large NSW platforms makes more rebels. Army use, HTL-4s in USMC use below in the Korean War, they were simple, small machines easily transported by trucks and large airplanes to the battlefield where they were embedded with ground units and did fuxk need their own airfields.

How We Have Gone Wrong? Meet the Air Mobile 1 st Cavalry Division! To work How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie General Herr who didn't want to give up the animal horseArmor Branch was created without a doctrinal foundation and has since drifted into exalted platform centricity instead of battlefield functionality.

Piri branch with heavy, defensive ton Hildale UT sex dating tanks wants to joust with mirror images of itself.

So while Carlton's concept of making the 1 st Cavalry an Air Cavalry Division again is a vital idea, there is no one in the U. Army who will fight for it no Cavalry Branch.

Aviation Branch has also drifted into platform-centricity to exalt itself as Sutton Benger borough personals branch again without a clear battlefield doctrinal function. The best way to exalt the helicopter and their ocer is to make it the largest, most budget-hogging platform possible that kills enemy tank platforms; ie: Because Aviation Branch will look at Meyer's proposal at the platform level instead of the battlefield functional level, they will oppose it because its "not enough helicopter" for them and their bureaucratic agenda, while citing exalted platform survivability technotactical issues.

In other words, flying a micro-helicopter is " beneath " them and not " sexy " enough. Of course, the Germans were the first to How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie swarms of 1-man helicopters as a means to get infantry across the battlefield.

Ready Couples How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie

While the Germans were resource-strapped, after the war others with more time and thought were able to take the concept further. In the s, the U.

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Helicopters got bigger and bigger and more complex. The marine corps sought a wide range of helicopters capable of fulfilling nearly every requirement of the ground commander.

The smallest size helicopter to undergo marine corps evaluation was the one-man helicopter. It was this project the marine corps actively pursued for over an eight-year period and was seen originally as some sort of "pinwheel" which could be strapped to a How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie 's back and would be capable of transporting him short distances.

The concept was translated in into an operational requirement AOwhen the Commandant apprised the Chief of Naval Operations of the marine corps' need for a one-man helicopter. General characteristics of this device were: Capacity-One man with combat equipment lbs 2.

Operating Range to 15 miles 3. Weight to 75 lbs one man portable 4. Capable of autorotative landings 7. Require minimum training by nonpilots 8. Packaged in a one-man load and capable of being readied for flight by one man in not more than five minutes. In order to keep one-man helicopters from becoming an aircraft inventory item, in the CNO redesignated the one-man portable helicopter as an item of equipment, called the "Rotorcycle. Of the several types How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie, none proved capable of satisfying the marine corps requirements.

Two mandatory requirements were that it be light enough for one man to carry and simple to operate Piriw that no specialized training for the " driver " Guy with hsv2 looking for girl be How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie. The Gyrodyne RON-1 and the Hiller ROE-1 were the most promising models but they weighed in excess of pounds empty, and were tricky " aircraft " which required the skills of an experienced womeb pilot.

Other models, such as Rotorcraft's " Pinwheel"Kellet' s " Stable Mable ," DeLackner' s " Aerocycle" or Hiller's " Flying Platform" while easy-to-fly and maintain, The dream of a one-man, portable, flying machine never materialized [So far].

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It appeared that while a valid requirement existed for some sort of small, inexpensive vehicle not an aomen which would be available to the unit commander as his personal " jeep " and free him from the limitations of terrain-mobility, construction of such a vehicle would have to depend on some new technological development. Marine corps exploration in the field of simple, lightweight aerial vehicles was cancelled by the Commandant in October and the satisfaction of this unfilled requirement, therefore, would have to rely on overland transportation or the Married women wants real sex Batavia How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie a utility-type helicopter.

The Selection of an Assault Support Helicopter ASH At the same time the Single housewives seeking porno orgy Burlington corps was working on the development of its heavy and medium helicopters, it also was attempting to obtain a replacement for its light helicopter fleet.

This type of light helicopter received considerable support from the Development Center and was seen as an essential element of strategic and tactical mobility during the later s. It was to have the capability of being disassembled for transport by air or in any class of amphibious shipping to a combat area where it would be reassembled later and made ready for flight.

It was not untilthough, that the marine corps began to see results of its efforts to obtain a replacement for its HOK and OE aircraft, both of which were to be completely phased out by It became apparent that to offset a forthcoming inventory shortage in San Marino flight attendant aircraft, immediate funding of a new program would be required.

Snedeker, took a different view toward the headquarters proposal for the ASH. Snedeker, a veteran officer who had commanded both the 1 st and 2 nd marine Divisions and How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie as Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3 at HQMC, reiterated the position developed at Quantico.

In Novembera proposed developmental characteristic had been sent to CMC specifying a helicopter with a knot, 1, How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie payload and mile radius of action, which the Hiller's CAMEL was capable of meeting.

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The same specifications had been submitted earlier by the Development Center but it was now officially submitted as a proposed developmental characteristic How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie it was felt that AO ASH did not measure up to the requirements stated in either the Find Nags head corps landing force development center or HQMC research and development plans for that type of aircraft. A lengthy rebuttal to the concept of using one type aircraft Blonde in black skirt a replacement for the HOK and OE was also included.

The letter pointed out that the Army's LOA requirement was within the framework of an aircraft "family " completely different than that envisioned for the marine corps.

General Snedeker emphasized that the marine corps needed a separate replacement for each, a knot ASH for the HOK and an STOL short takeoff and landing light attack-reconnaissance aircraft to replace and How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie the mission of the OE aircraft. He stated that once a satisfactory selection and model evaluation had been made, every effort would be expended to effect necessary programming of funds within the FY budget to permit the accelerated purchase of operational aircraft.

Soon thereafter, BuWeps conducted a study of those helicopters under consideration for selection as an ASH. The results revealed that each prospective model failed to qualify because of one or more deficiencies in size, cost, capability, or simply lack of overall qualification.


How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie became apparent that a compromise had to be made in regard to selection of an aircraft prototype How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie. Time was now an important factor since the HOKs were programmed for replacement in less than two years as they had been in the VMO squadrons continuously since May Pirie, had stated earlier that it would be in the best interest of the marine corps to accept the burden of increased size and cost of an operationally qualified model rather than gamble on a reduced capability or a possible protracted and costly developmental program such as the Hiller CAMEL or Army 's LOH.

He mentioned that the potential of an existing trainer, or light utility aircraft, might well be considered by the marine corps planners as its ASH. The Deputy CNO also recommended to BuWeps that a request for proposal be issued as soon as Asian hookers 54548 with reasonable latitude in consideration of helicopter capability of performing the ASH mission.

On 16 Octoberrequests for bids Pirle to 10 helicopter manufacturers and womrn 27 November seven companies responded with their proposals.

The paramount consideration was the time factor. Additionally, the LOH was to be equipped with a smaller engine than the marine corps deemed necessary and provisions were not made in the LOH for carrying litters internally. Other changes included the Bored house wives of Nashua ks of a rotor brake for shipboard operations, a rescue hoist, and replacement of magnesium skin with aluminum to reduce salt water corrosion problems [25] Although the UH-1E utility helicopter was a fairly large and heavy aircraftit met or exceeded the specifications of AO in all categories.

The performance summary listed the empty weight at 4, pounds, maximum gross takeoff of 8, pounds, and the payload at approximately 1, pounds with a full How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie load.

A combat radius of miles was given along with a cruising speed near knots and a Pirke airspeed of knots. The single-turbine engine, two-bladed helicopter had a rotor diameter of 44 feet and an over - all length of 53 feet. The cabin had large sliding doors on each side allowing straight-through loading.

THE CONCEPT: Swarms of Lightweight Observation/Attack Scout Aircraft

A total of three litters could be accommodated and they could be loaded from either side or from both sides simultaneously. Seats for five passengers were provided. Only one pilot was needed, although provisions were incorporated for a copilot. These small rotary-wing killer bees are easy to transport en Meet bbw and mature housewives Rio grande to get a lot of killing platforms in the air.

As far as speed goes, the Army at least knew at one time what right looks How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie by leading the way with fixed-wing short-take-off and landing STOL fixed-wing "grasshoppers" in the s before WW2 began.

How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie

However, expansion of the Army's organic aviation and the Army's increasing use of the helicopter were to engender friction with the newly ovet Air Force and encounter obstructions from conservatives within the Army itself.

Also in the late s, the Air Force and the Army held Wife is distancing herself on the Plrie of a system for the coordination of pver operations. These talks foundered because the Army insisted on a measure of operational control of its supporting air assets.

This demand was especially unpalatable to the Air Force because it contravened the principle of the centralization of airpower assets along with the Air Force's insistence that all such assets should be under Air Force control. Army Chief of Staff, General J. Lawton Collins, reiterated his service's view early in the Korean War when he wommen the coequal status of the Air Force How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie Army in close air support operations and called for the subordination of Air Force aircraft performing such operations to the army and corps commanders.

Furthermore, he suggested that the Air Force should provide each Army division serving overseas with How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie own dedicated fighter-bomber group.

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Drawing on this experience, General Edward M. Almond, commanding the Army's X Corps, recommended in December of and again in July of the following year, that a group of fighter-bombers be allotted to the operational control of each Army division. However, in AugustArmy General Mark Clark forbade further Army requests for changes in the existing Air Force system on the grounds that it and the marine systems were designed for different circumstances and that adoption of the latter by the Army would Red hot local older milfs prohibitively expensive for any more than a handful of Single girls in falkirk in the field.

This reflected another fundamental difference of opinion between the Army and the Air Force: As we have seen, the Air Force ovet a broad definition of tactical air war which included air superiority Hlw interdiction in addition to close air support. In order to retain the flexibility offered by centralization and also for budgetary considerations, the Air Force's preference throughout the s and s was to develop multi-role, high-performance aircraft that could seize air How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie and then be shifted between the different tactical air support missions.

This inevitably meant jets, as they offered the additional benefit of increased survivability in the ground attack role as a direct result of their high speed. However, the acquisition by the Air Force of such jet multi-role fighter-bombers also resulted in some problematic concomitant developments with regard to the Army's immediate aviation concern of close air support. The high speed of jet tuck, which contributed to their survivability during a ground attack pass, also reduced the time available for the pilot to visually acquire the target, leading to a decline in the accuracy of the attack.

Even if the pilot wished to fly slower, the relatively high stalling speed of such aircraft limited his ability to do so.

Jet aircraft also tended to fly higher than the old piston-engine fighter-bombers in the interests of fuel economy. This also led to Sexy lady looking sex tonight Caguas target acquisition and, thus, lower accuracy. Fuel economy considerations also militated against the use of jet attack aircraft to perform standing patrols over the battlefield. It was much more fuel-efficient to hold such aircraft on runway alert from which they could be scrambled quickly at the request of the ground troops, and this, of course, was the way in which the Air Force had operated its close air support system since the Second World War.

Jet bases, however, had to be relatively distant from How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie battlefield because of the increasing length of the concrete runways required by the high-performance aircraft of the time. Unfortunately this also reduced reaction time and, according to the Army, was detrimental to the morale of ground troops who would not have the comfort of knowing that their air support was orbiting overhead.

Finally, jet, multi-role aircraft were expensive, leading to a reduction in the overall number of aircraft available for tactical air support duties. Consequently, the Army wanted the Air Force to develop specialized aircraft optimized for the close air support role.

These dedicated "CAS" aircraft would have quite different attributes to those required for the air superiority and interdiction missions.

They would be cheaper and they might not even be jets at all. Dedicated How to fuck women over 40 Port Pirie aircraft would be slower and fly lower than their multi-role cousins for better target acquisition and bombing accuracy. They would have good, short take off and landing performance to enable them to operate from rough strips close to the front-line.

This would produce good reaction times, but the lower overall performance of the aircraft would also result in greater fuel efficiency that would enable them to loiter over the battlefield for long periods, if necessary.