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Free sex chat in Montrose was very satisfied with herself. She knew her father would hit the roof when she showed him the video and let him see that his new stepson was a pothead! What purpose would it serve? Would her dad kick him out of the house? Probably not, but she knew her dad had told Cody he would buy him a car for graduation. Maybe after seeing this video, her dad would have a change of heart. She showed the video to her dad and step mom. They were both livid. Karen was very disappointed and furious with Cody.

Hector was also Fre furious. Not only did he tell Cody he was re-thinking Beautiful ladies searching group sex Phoenix Arizona decision to buy him a car, he took away four concert tickets he had given Cody a few weeks earlier.

The tickets were for a Metallica concert coming to San Antonio. Hector had purchased four VIP tickets for Cody and his friends. But not anymore, after Hector asked for the tickets back and said he was returning them. You promised your mother you would not Mongrose that Montroee anymore and you lied to her!

I would never be so disrespectful to my mother. Her friend she Montroose going to stay with will not be home now. So you need to stay here with her. It will do you good to do something nice for her. Learn how to get along! Oh, how that girl infuriated him! Sneaky little bitch taking video of him smoking pot! Because of her, he was missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet his all-time favourite heavy metal band. And now next weekend was shot too!

He was planning on going to a big party with his buddies. He knew there was no way he could sneak out. Jenna would rat on him at the drop of a hat! Little witch gets me in trouble all the time! What else is new around here? This is his household and his word is final.

And nothing your mother says is going to change his mind. Cody stewed in his Free sex chat in Montrose. A whole weekend babysitting his stuck-up stepsister? March 18, As soon as she got home from school, she had went straight to her bedroom.

She Montrosw downstairs just long enough to answer the door when a pizza delivery man showed up. She shot him a spiteful glare as she walked upstairs with the pizza.

I was hungry so I Free sex chat in Montrose pizza. He fumed to himself. It was gonna be a lo-o-o-ng chay He phoned up his good friends, Tim, Zach, Ray and Grant and told them to come over. They brought some booze with them and the boys were now watching movies and slowly getting drunk. Cody told them to just keep their drinks out of Montrosr. The last Mohtrose Free sex chat in Montrose needed was for Jenna to tattle to his mom that he was drinking.

Cody had to admit, in spite of how much kn disliked her, chah Jenna was growing into a very beautiful young woman. As was mentioned earlier, her mother had been a im queen.

Cody had seen some pics of her and he knew she was a beautiful woman. Jenna was a classic Latina beauty. Long dark hair with soft brown skin. Big brown eyes and full lips. She was a very petite girl. Her very tight, curvy body made her appear a bit older and grown-up than a mere 15 Montroxe. She had beautiful budding, size 34 breasts and a flat, firm stomach.

The problem Beautiful ladies want real sex Saguenay Jenna was that she knew she was a beautiful girl and she was approaching that age where she knew her beauty could be used to her advantage! Today, the outfit she was wearing really accented her curves and tight body. Jenna wore a pair Frse Free sex chat in Montrose tight denim shorts, that almost gave the appearance of being painted on, and a dark Free sex chat in Montrose t-shirt that was about two sizes too small.

Hell, when he first moved in, she would often be seen running around in her panties and a t-shirt! Her father had to remind her there was a boy around the house now and she needed to be a Free sex chat in Montrose more modest. Cody smiled to himself Free he realized his friends were checking her out. I can hear Fgee all the way upstairs in my room. She shook her head. Whom exactly was babysitting whom? Her cuat was so irresponsible!

Cody gave him a look of Free sex chat in Montrose disgust. I wex sorry for any guy who ever wants to go out with her. She is one spoiled little princess! I hear those girls at private schools Swingers clubs horny little things! There is no love lost between us. She hates my guts! From the first time Cody had ever met Jenna, he had un she was very hot.

Hey, he was a teenage boy! That kind of shit was always on his mind! However, with her being such a little bitch to him, he had never seriously contemplated trying to come onto her. The boys played a couple games of pool and had more drinks. They were all starting to get a pretty good buzz. At one end of the game room was a large brick fireplace.

Placed along the mantle were some family photos, including a couple of Jenna. Cody noticed Tim looking at the photos and walked over to join him. Montdose all wanna do her! We just do it! And in your case, Cody, what you Montrosr Think about all the shit she has pulled on you, like just now, getting those Metallica tickets taken away and you maybe not getting your Free sex chat in Montrose Not every day a guy gets an opportunity to break in a girl.

Just imagine Free sex chat in Montrose it to that high-class little bitch!! Cody started thinking about it. He had contemplated a way he could get back at his snotty stepsister and now, Free sex chat in Montrose of a sudden, it all came to him. Free sex chat in Montrose her virginity, fucking her hot little body, would be the ultimate revenge! Just think, you said your mom and her dad are gone all weekend?

Monttrose can have ourselves a nice little fuckfest! Let s cut the shit bitch and Tim had been friends for years, since they were about 8 or Ftee. Tim was a popular guy with the girls around their neighbourhood. But he treated them like shit. Cody knew Tim had a habit of taking from girls whatever he wanted.

Cody knew, because Monfrose had boasted to him on several occasions. March 19, Jenna People to fuck Picayune lying on her stomach on her big queen-sized bed, watching a Free sex chat in Montrose on her TV. Thank God, she thought, that Cody and his annoying friends had moved downstairs to the game room.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs. So much for my peace and quiet! Suddenly, the door to her room flew open and in marched Cody and his friends. Free sex chat in Montrose immediately jumped off the bed. She pulled down her t-shirt that had rode up on her tummy while she was lying on the bed. What Montrrose you doing?

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Get the fuck out of my room! So get the hell out, you jerks!

And I can smell booze. You can guys have been drinking! He could see it was her underwear drawer. She grabbed for them but Tim pulled them away. Get these assholes out of here before I iin my dad!

This time he let her have them and she yanked them out of his hand. However, as she turned away to throw the panties back in her drawer, Tim reached out and squeezed her right breast through her shirt. Jenna jumped with surprise as she felt his hand close around her tit. Free sex chat in Montrose tried to reach around to squeeze the left tit as well but Jenna was able to twist away from him.

Jenna spun around and slapped Tim hard across the right cheek. The sound was loud in the room. Tim just rubbed his face and smiled. I just get even with them! Her feet kicked Free sex chat in Montrose. Tim, Free sex chat in Montrose around 6 ft.

His cock was ready to burst from his pants as he looked down at Jenna on the bed. She was half sitting, half lying down, her legs slightly spread. The crotch of her denim shorts was pulled up tight between her legs and he could catch a glimpse of her panties.

Her t-shirt had rode up so it was bunched under her tits completely exposing her flat, taut stomach. Jenna looked up at the boys gathering around the bed. They all had a look in their eyes that chilled her to the bone. They all looked like cats ready to pounce on a mouse. Even Cody had that look. Jenna felt truly terrified as she slowly realized what un boys had in mind.

Get ln from m-me! She glanced over at her dresser. Her phone was laying on top of it but too far away for her to reach. Her heart sank as she realized how helpless she was. Tim reached down and grabbed both her ankles. He pulled her legs forward, making her flop down onto her back. Grant and Ray had to lay all their weight on her arms to hold her down.

Tim had straddled her legs and was yanking at the snap on her denim shorts. He got it undone and pulled down the Montrosd.

Seizing her denim shorts and tugging hard Woman looking hot sex Weweantic them with both Cocksucker seeking regulars, the shorts barely moved.

Cody jumped in to help. Between the two of them, they each grabbed a side of her shorts and pulled on them. Her shorts began to slip down off her Free sex chat in Montrose hips. Cody and Tim pulled harder and they moved down exposing her silky thighs. For her age, it was spectacular!

Jenna was wearing a pair of Aero bikini panties with pink and white Free sex chat in Montrose and a picture Montrosd a little cartoon monkey on them. It was completely shaved. Jenna let out a wild scream as Tim jammed two fingers into her.

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With Grant and Ray holding her arms, she was pinned down in a spread-eagled position on the bed. It was about 7 inches long and fairly thick. Cody stroked it slowly.

He looked down at the beautiful nude form of his stepsister. But, he was beyond the point of no return now. Then he spit in his hand again, rubbing it around the purple head of his cock. Jenna screamed again and tried to twist and squirm but she was held firmly with the boys pinning both her hands above her head. She Free sex chat in Montrose never seen a naked penis in the flesh before.

She was terrified at the prospect of Cody putting it inside her. Jenna felt the tip move her lips apart down there, and he moved forward hard into her just a little bit making her cry out. Something inside her was blocking him from going in further, she could feel it. He seemed to slide forward, and then he pushed really hard, and she felt what was blocking him break as pain shot through her body.

She was crying and bawling. He started to move. He was slow Beautiful housewives wants sex Mojave first, but he Free sex chat in Montrose increased his speed. Jenna kept shaking her head at the searing pain. It felt like she was being split open. He was lunging into her deep, and Old horny Inkster out until just the tip was in her, and lunging deep into her again.

Almost every deep thrust seemed to hit something inside her causing her Free sex chat in Montrose grunt and squeal.

Free sex chat in Montrose

It was going on forever, and she was afraid she was going to die, but he just kept pumping into her, his Montroee bouncing up and down. Cody was in heaven. It was obviously stretched to its limits. Cody was Free sex chat in Montrose good-looking, attractive boy.

Cody had had his fair share of sexual experiences through high school. But of all the girls he had fucked, he could not believe one could be this tight and feel this good.

He was enjoying the grunts and squeals she voiced as he hit her cervix.

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It was a strange Free sex chat in Montrose, but besides the obvious sexual pleasure he was deriving from fucking the young Latina girl, it also thrilled him that Free sex chat in Montrose knew he was hurting her! Cody grabbed hold of her long dark hair and yanked her head back. He pulled her hair so hard that he made her cry out. His hands squeezed and groped her ass. The powerful grip on his cock was having the desired effect.

He was thinking, I could hold back a little more and last a little longer. But he knew they had all weekend Free sex chat in Montrose he would have other opportunities Fuck women Lake montezuma Arizona fuck her. He began plunging into her faster, going for the finish.

Jenna was in agony as Cody began lunging into her faster and faster. He pushed really deep causing her to squeal in pain, and she felt him go rigid as he began shooting something into her. Jenna realized with horror, he was ejaculating inside her! He was aware of the serious implications, but caught up in the intense ecstasy of fucking the hot teen, he threw caution to the wind.

After waiting for his cock to quit spurting, he slowly pulled out of her with a sloppy plopping sound and was breathing almost as hard as her. You were a machine! The two boys switched places. Tim pulled down his pants and prepared for his turn to fuck the pretty dark-haired girl.

She was still sobbing and felt so sore as Tim began to mount her. March 20, He had short brown hair, green eyes and handsome looks. He too, was quite popular with the girls.

Hovering over the terrified Jenna, he moved forward with his raging 8-inch cock. He placed it Free sex chat in Montrose her cherry hole and slid it in slowly, an inch at a time. Tim commenced to pumping in and out of Chatt hard, making her whole body jerk back and forth, her tits swaying in a circular motion.

The teen boy may have been popular with the girls but one thing with Tim, he was a selfish prick. When he fucked, he fucked only for his own pleasure. Which meant it was usually rough and hard. A final bellow from Tim and Free sex chat in Montrose filled her honey box with his dick juice.

He pulled out, a bit of red dripping off his cock. He weighed about lb. Zach shoved himself all the way in, making Jenna emit a sharp squeal. He Free post cumshot video sex gangbang a little Montroxe out, then back in. Her tight twat almost made him Mohtrose his wad right there.

He slammed in, pulled out, slammed in again, again, again. She was so tight. The other boys cheered him on, as sexx they were at Free sex chat in Montrose football game. Zach felt his balls MMontrose and he was ready.

With a loud De lancey NY sexy women, Zach emptied his baby makers into Jenna. His cock jerked once, twice, three times, as she felt her insides plastered with his sperm.

Afterwards, he rolled off her exhausted. It was very hot! He had dark curly hair and the beginnings of a goatee. He Free sex chat in Montrose as the shaft slid in and bottomed out. Jenna arched her back and screeched as her abused pussy was stretched out again. Jenna wailed in pain. His powerful chest pressed against her. Grant was not a virgin but it had been a while since he was laid.

He needed to make up for lost time and fucking a sweet thing like Free sex chat in Montrose was just what he needed. He leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. He pressed his lips against hers and jammed his tongue into her mouth. Grant kept pumping her, but not as quickly. He slowed down and suddenly let out a moan.

It was a loud, hoarse, guttural cry, and Jenna felt his warm sticky cum splattering her insides. His six inch erection stood out. He had dark brown hair and a thin face.

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Ray, of all the boys, was probably the least sexually experienced. Feeding his raging hard-on between her pussy lips, he pushed his cock into her. He was perhaps not as large as the other boys, but it was still plenty big Swingers Corvallis Montana utah Jenna as he rammed his cock in and out of her faster and faster.

Every thrust jolted her forward. Jenna continued to thrash frantically as Ray fucked her. It was a total nightmare as she was raped on her own bed! Surely somebody would come to help her! But she knew it was hopeless. Her dad had gave their maids the weekend off. There would be no one coming to the house. Jenna tried to turn away, but he grabbed her chin in his hand and forced her to kiss him, forced his tongue in and out of her mouth.

Jenna closed her eyes in disgust as he moved down and started kissing and licking the Free sex chat in Montrose of her neck while he thrust Free sex chat in Montrose her. His skinny balls slapped against her asshole with every pump. Soon Ray felt himself building up to an orgasm.

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He thrust faster and faster. At the last minute, he pulled out and stroked his cock furiously. It pulsed and Jenna watched the white sperm squirt from the tip, splattering against her flat belly and her breasts where it gleamed on her brown skin. Jenna screwed up her face in disgust as she looked at the puddle of slimy seed deposited on her stomach.

Ray blew her a little kiss as he got off the bed and pulled his pants back up. The boys had let go of Jenna now and she curled into a little ball on her bed. Cum Free sex chat in Montrose from her battered pussy and collected on the bedspread, She sobbed quietly to herself as she covered Ladies seeking real sex FL Boca raton 33428 face with her hands.

He had a feeling of great satisfaction, knowing he had finally put Jenna in her place. The boys decided to take a little break, but Tim had more plans for Jenna.

He knew they were far from done with her. March 22, Tim looked over at Jenna lying on the bed. Will you look at that? He was relishing the prospect of getting to fuck her again. He felt his cock growing hard once more. You think her pussy was tight, wait until we break in her shitter. She barely Free sex chat in Montrose it when two of the boys grabbed her and flipped her onto her stomach. Her hips were lifted up and she felt something being shoved under them. Cody had grabbed Naughty wives wants casual sex Albuquerque New Mexico giant pink teddy bear that sat on her bed and stuffed Free sex chat in Montrose under her, lifting her ass in the air.

She remembered her father winning it for her at a carnival. She had named it Mr. Oh God, thought Jenna. Fuzzy Wuzzy be a part of this horror! She took a deep breath and prepared herself.

She figured they must be preparing to rape her Women wants nsa Raub Indiana more. Little did she know how they intended to rape her this time! Suddenly hands were pulling and spreading her ass cheeks apart. Someone pushed two fingers into her anus. Her body jumped and bucked. Her arms were grabbed and pinned down again. She screamed out as her whole body went rigid. The sound was muffled in the blankets of the bed.

The pain was excruciating. Tim stabbed his cock all the way in suddenly, and then withdrew it. Each thrust hurt more than the last. To Jenna, it felt like a hot metal rod was being shoved into her.

She could feel his cock tugging and tearing at the walls of her ass. Jenna wailed and screamed like a cat being disembowelled. Slowly, as Tim fucked her pooper faster and faster, she began to loosen up a bit. There was Free sex chat in Montrose pressure on the tip of his dick deep inside her. He wiggled his hips to relieve some of the pressure but it eventually became too much. Tim shot his load, spilling his seed into her butt. He pulled out, his dick making a popping sound.

Her long dark hair was splayed across her back. Cody grabbed a handful as he began to press into her. He let out a gasp of excitement as the head of his erection popped through her sphincter and he felt the tightness of her ass Horny black girls looking free sex cam around him.

His face was bathed in perspiration as he finally felt himself bottom Free sex chat in Montrose. All those times of watching Jenna run around the house in skimpy shorts, tight jeans, or her bathing suit, and Cody had always checked out her little round butt. Now, he was fucking it! Cody pulled back so he was about halfway out and plunged in again. It felt like his dick was going to be crushed. His balls slapped against the back of her legs as he watched his cock slide in and out of her tight anus.

It was better lubricated now but he still had to really work at it. He was grunting and mumbling things like, "So tight. This is so good. Just as he felt ready to cum, he pulled back then plunged in, his cock jerking and spasming just as he bottomed out.

He held himself inside her for a short time, relishing the tightness. Levis man seeking bbw 4 summertime he pulled out. Fuzzy Wuzzy likes the taste of cum!

Looking around, he motioned to Grant for Free sex chat in Montrose to take a turn.

The big teen was behind Jenna and ploughing into her turd-hole in a matter of a few minutes. Jenna, whose face was slick with sweat and tears, let Free sex chat in Montrose an anguished squeal. Then her body went limp as she had lost all Sex contact sites murcia to fight. The only sound in the room was Grant huffing and puffing as he laboriously worked his cock in Free sex chat in Montrose out of her tight passage.

His body slapped against hers and his weight pressed her down into the bed. Her eyes were tightly shut as she endured the pounding Grant was giving her.

Both of his hands were wrapped around her slim waist and he pulled her back against him with each thrust. In no time he was cumming, shooting thick ropes of cum into her tortured ass. It was the first time he had fucked a girl up the ass and he was thoroughly enjoying the experience. He pulled out and was replaced by Ray. Ray stroked his dick and rubbed up and down between her cheeks. He pushed into her with just the head. Jenna squinted her eyes shut, clutching at the bed.

Ray pushed half way in then started humping in and out just a little bit. As Cody watched Jenna getting ass-raped, he thought about how nice and proper she always tried to act. And now look at all the sorts of dirty things they were going to make her do. It made him hard again. Ray was really getting into the ass fuck. Really bad girls get fucked in the ass.

It felt like he was going right up into her stomach. The boys were truly turning Free sex chat in Montrose into an anal Free sex chat in Montrose. Ray Clean fit good looking fun upping the tempo, pounding Jenna harder.

His balls slapped against her pussy.

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Jenna couldn't hold back Have sex tonight Lowell Massachusetts little whimpering noises each time he hit bottom.

Finally, with the last few painfully deep strokes he grunted and his dick gushed semen into her abused asshole. He was all sweaty as he slipped out of her. Zach was Montrkse there cchat his hard rod. He was ready for his turn. Ray moved out of the way after he wiped his Free sex chat in Montrose on Mr. Her anus was no longer a puckered opening, but a quivering hole with cum and blood seeping out. Zach plunged in, gasping as her ass Free sex chat in Montrose the head of his cock and sucked him in.

Her ass made a wet farting noise as he pulled back and started a rhythm of hard strokes.

I should have been doing her a long time ago! Hey, where did you get that? Tim took the camera from him. He had a sly grin. Have you ever heard of a little thing called irony, Cody? She used this on you, I think we should Montrpse it on her! March 24, He had his arms wrapped around her waist and he hunched over her as his hips pistoned back and forth.

Spit flew from his mouth as he grunted with exertion. Even though she had already had four cocks up her chocolate alley, she was still very tight.

She felt his cock head punching at her insides, like a small fist. Jenna just prayed they would be done soon. His hips were a blur as he worked himself up to a powerful frenzy. He was red in the face as he finally unloaded a Horny waco women. Swinging. of cum into the young girl. He winced as his swollen balls shot spurt after spurt of jizz down Free sex chat in Montrose ass tunnel. Zach pulled out, panting heavily.

The poor girl lay on her stomach with her legs spread apart, her hands wrapped up in her wex. Fuzzy Wuzzy was still wedged under her hips. Cum and a Free sex chat in Montrose of blood seeped out of her red and swollen anus.

Her long hair was wrapped around her face. Her face glistened Fred tears and sweat. Tim walked over and pulled the panties out of her mouth. Jenna could barely move. Her body was racked in pain. Tim looked at Grant and Ray. You guys wanna make some movies?

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The other boys were back in a Sexy women seeking sex tonight Orlando minutes with Jenna. She had done her thing. They had splashed some cold water on her face and she was a bit more lively now. She looked at Cody and glared. He handed the video camera to Cody and came over to Jenna. He brushed the hair away from her face. Tim grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to her knees on the floor.

He spoke to her wex Free sex chat in Montrose patronizing tone. So how about I put it this way? Her lower lip quivered. Tim was taking Freee his pants, his hard-on Free sex chat in Montrose between his legs. Jenna was thrown face-down on the bed, the big cum-stained teddy bear stuffed under her hips again. Grant and Zach held her arms as Tim climbed on the bed behind her.

He yanked her head back. Beg for my Montrosse I r-really w-want yours, Cody!

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He directed Grant and Zach to pull her back off the bed and she was pushed Free sex chat in Montrose on her knees in sec of him as he sat on the edge of the bed. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it. It felt warm and it throbbed in her hand. She began stroking his hard shaft. Jenna leaned in closer and her lips Free sex chat in Montrose it.

She became a little bolder and began licking with her tongue. Tim groaned with pleasure. She made a small gagging sound as her lips closed around it. Having something like this in her mouth felt so alien!

Tim thrust his hips up into her face.

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Keep Free sex chat in Montrose, just like that. She kept her hand around the base and stroked him as her mouth worked along his shaft. They had done it more out of curiosity than anything and had sxe like little kids as they had watched a girl perform oral sex on a guy. They Bowling Green single women both considered it as very gross.

Now it was being forced upon Jenna. Thinking back to that night, she tried to recall how the girl in the video had done it. She pulled her head back and flicked her tongue around cuat head Free sex chat in Montrose his chzt.

He instructed her to move faster. No way she was going to swallow that stuff! Tim held her head Montrsoe place as his cock bucked in her mouth and cum spurted along the roof of her mouth and down her throat.

Jenna swallowed as best she could, the sticky substance stuck to her tongue and tasted horrible. Finally Tim let go of her and pushed her away. She wiped at the cum dribbling down her chin. As usual, this is a great story! Looking forward to the next installment!

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